Ocra Muse?

  1. Fellow Musers ^_^,

    Saks.com has OCRA Medium Muse in stock, what color is Ocra?

    BLACK & OAK Oversized Muse are currently on pre-order.
    Remember to use SHOPJUNE for 10% off! =)
  2. do you mean Ocre? If so, it's a dark yellow color.
  3. I wish they showed the color, I am curious too. Thanks bag.lover for postong.
  4. Well, my curiousity got to me and I ordered the "ocre" Muse last week. It should be here today. I will let you know what the color is. :smile:
  5. I saw a medium/dark mustard yellow muse at the YSL store at South Coast Plaza the other day. That might be ocre... It was an interesting color that probably would be a good neutral, especially if you wear a lot of earthtone colors.
  6. I got my ocre Muse from Fed Ex a little while ago. I have already repackaged it and I am sending it back. I think it is a nice neutral color, but just not for me. It's a yellow-ish/camel color. The more I think about it I realize I shouldn't have returned my chocolate brown metallic one. :sad: It really was a unique Muse. Guess I'll just keep looking for a non-metallic color I really like.
  7. Have you seen the oak muse. I saw it yesterday in NM...great color and very neutral. I am thinking about purchasing it.
  8. Janicemph - Thanks for the info about the Oak color. I will definitely have to see it in person.
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