Ocfashions from Ebay

  1. I used to buy Chanel from ocfashions all the time, and it was said to be authentic stuff. HOwever, i just noticed that ocfashions is not a registered user anymore, i wonder why. is there anyway to check if there have been problems?
  2. I was in a transaction with her and was about to bid on an item when I realized she was no longer a registered user. I emailed her my concerns, and she said she's trying to get reinstated, not sure what happened as she didn't elaborate. I believe the purse I was going to bid on was authentic as I had verified here, so I'm wondering if it was just an error by ebay?
  3. people get NARU'd when there's an investigation.
    I know eBayers that it's happened to for no good reaosn, totally ethical eBayers.
    Give her a little time to try and straighten things out. A troll probably complained and they oulled her temporarily.
  4. her items are 100% legit. I have purchased from her MANY times, she also has a seperate buying ID..forget the name right now however. Also, when you dont pay your seller fees you can also get suspended.....im sure she will be back up in no time. Her items were always great. I really wanted to bid on that black reissue she had =(
  5. Hopefully she will be back. she always has a great and interesting selection. I wonder where she was getting her merchandise.
  6. I was looking at her auctions too!! And i realised thaat they were gone from my watch list!! :confused1:

    I think sometimes some pple get jealous that a seller is doing well and they complain of things like shill bidding to ebay. Ebay more often than not will unregister the account and start investigations for a week. Upon which the buyer will be completely entitled to reinstate their accounts when ebay cant find evidence for the complaint. I cant wait for her to be reinstated!! :girlsigh:
  7. ocfashions is a reallllllllly good friend of mine and has been for years. her stuff is 10000000% legit. i dont' get stuff from her anymore because we don't mix business and friendship, but i have bought a few things from her here and there in the past. her stuff is absolutely 100000% authentic. she is working on getting reinstated and should be soon. So be sure to check back with her listings!!