OCfashions?? anyone ever buy from them??

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  1. i have been looking for a pair of chanel CC rhinestone earrings...i wanna pay about retail or less would be nice. and she has pretty good feedback, its all on bags, not really jewelry. i am not very good at spotting fakes of these earrings. they have the stamp on the back but that seems to be pretty easy to fake. her description looks like it is copy and pasted from all her other ones as she refers to the item in some parts as a bag.

    idk. what do you guys think??

    are these earrings still avail. in stores?? like maybe i could just call Saks and order a pair.

  2. She is very reputable. I have never seen anything fake from her and many here have raved about her customer service and the items they've received. BTW, I don't know her (or him?) personally.
  3. Yes, all good reviews. I wish she would put a BIN on her items. Her auctions always start at .99 and end very high.
  4. I have these and they look the same - inc box and tag...
  5. thanks everyone!
  6. Does anyone have a site for OCFashions I mean LINK?? Thanks in advance.:hysteric:
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