Ocelot Ponytail Scarf ... my 1,000th post!

  1. Here's my 1,000th tPF post!!!! And attached is my ocelot ponytail scarf on my new Tano bag. (Girls I must admit.... I'm crazy about these Tano bags....but I'm more crazy about Coach ahahah)
  2. congrats, welcome to the ocelot club AND the 1,000 club!!
  3. Congrats on the 1,000th post!! woohooo! And that scarf is amazing! I showed SO it earlier when I was on Coach.com, I was like "hey, I like this" I wonder if he got the hint! lmao!

    But, Voodoo...me and you, we have to talk. I googled "Tano" and I think Im in love. My SO is NOT going to be happy! And guess what? Im blaming it all on YOU! :p Do you order them online?
  4. Welcome to the esteemed Ocelot Pony Club. I can't decide which bag to hang my on so I'm still rockin' the Zebra on my red leather Carly.
  5. Very nice. I keep eyeing the Ocelot pumps but don't know if I'd actually wear them.

  6. Me too ! am just starting to get into the Tano bags - they are beautiful !!
    But I too still love my Coach !!

    That looks great on your bag! What a beauty !