Ocelot Audrey Fob!!!

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  1. I bought an Ocelot Audrey on ebay but it doesn't have the jewel fob which was disclosed already. My question is could I order it from JAX?
  2. You can call them and see but they would just send you what they have and usually it would be a metal hangtag. You can buy them off ebay or bonanzle.
  3. I got from evilbay for my black sabrina for $19.99 there were quite a few ...a few weeks back
  4. From what I've heard, Coach will replace the key fobs...but only a silver or bronze metal lozenge one.
  5. Yeah Coach told me they dont "stock" the fancy hangtags. You would have to get really lucky with them. Or try a store, they may have an extra laying around.