Ocean with SGH anywhere...

  1. Hi everyone, I am on a desperate search for an ocean with SGH, I think I would like a brief or a work. Please keep me in mind when you are out on your shopping trips! Thanks a bunch:woohoo:
  2. Hello~!! There is an Ocean Giant Brief with SGH at Neiman Marcus Troy, MI last time I was there... It is $1895.
    Call Lisa if you need help...248-635-8442
  3. Yup, I wish I could get my ocean daybag back gsh, which unfortunely I
    parted a while ago.:crybaby:

    It was a fantastic color.
    Maybe I will find one later this year.:wtf:
    But I have high hopes for the electric blue and turquoise.
    Also i might get my hands on a marine daybag with ggh.:rolleyes:
  4. Barney's dallas had an Ocean SGH City just a couple of days ago......
  5. :crybaby:I do miss my ocean daybag, the city sounds great, I will wait til
    one pops up.:wtf:
  6. Thanks ladies, I am on a mission for this bag! I will let you know if(when) I get it.
  7. lvpursepassion...did you buy the ocean bag yet??
    If yes, could you please post pics?
    And maybe you checked to see if they had more ocean bags??
  8. I haven't puchased it yet, I am still searching, i will definitely let you know what ocean bags I find and where I find them!
  9. Good Luck!! Can't wait to see pictures!!! ;)
  10. I think Barneys Chestnut Hill may still have an ocean SGH city.
  11. Barney's Seattle has an Ocean SGH City as of today (Friday, Oct 26th).