ocean or plomb SGH day

  1. I have been trying to find either of these at Barneys or Neiman Marcus. Has anyone seen them while out shopping? I don't live anywhere near either location and would really appreciate any help you can give me. I haven't had any luck at all by phone. TIA:smile:
  2. Barneys, Seattle had both last week! Seattle stock seems to sell slowly, so give them a call!
  3. Thanks Shasta. By the way I just love all of the pictures you post you have amazing taste and great style!!! I love your new haircut.
    This is why I am ready to cry:crybaby:.... I called Barneys in Seattle lastnight because another TPFer told me about the steel in SGH in the day there. I called Martha their last night and she said they had no blue/ocean and no steel/plomb in the day :confused1::confused1: I am sooooo confused and to be honest a little frustrated. Any suggestions????

    Thanks for your help!