Ocean or Cordovan?

  1. I'm in need of a new wallet, and I love the turnlock MBMJ ones. My only dilemma right now is what color to get, as both styles work for me. What would you suggest?

    Oh, and lately I've been carrying a pomegranate venetia, a black turnlock bowler and I'm about to add an oatmeal blake to my daily rotation, if that helps :smile:
    marcj2000911607_347x683b.jpg marcj2001015681_347x683b.jpg
  2. ocean~ love the color and it would go with everything like a good pair of jeans! :tup: (plus, won't the pom venetia clash with the red...?)
  3. I agree~ I love the OCEAN one. The color is neutral despite being blue...
  4. i had the long wallet in cordon blue but sold it and regret everyday. i say ocean too, but in the long wallet style (: