Ocean or Black?

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Which color for moi?

  1. Black

  2. Ocean

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm planning on ordering my 3rd Bbag tomorrow :yahoo: Right now I have a Vert D'eau First and a Sandstone City. However I have a gray Anna Corinna bag ... sooo I wonder since I have Sandstone & a gray in 'medium' sized bags already would Ocean be a better choice since I'm pretty sure I'll order another City :confused1:

    Also, to anyone who's seen Ocean IRL, does it resemble Idigo at all? :sweatdrop:
  2. I think Ocean would be an excellent choice! You can always get black later.
  3. Ocean is a bit darker than cornflower....amazing
    leather like 2005..
  4. I LOVE Cornflower!

    The only thing that worries me about Ocean is that it looks a little "denim" blue in some photo's, which I don't like...
  5. My vote goes to Black.

    I think Ocean is nice, but not astonishing(in my eyes). It's a really nice blue, but it's too much like *denim*blue, and I think it'll just blend in with jeans(I live in jeans!:p). Also, it's awfully similar to Cornflower, which was known to fade(some PFers had the bag dyed, I think it was Cornflower).

    I've never seen Ocean IRL, but from the pics I've seen, it's too light to resemble Indigo. It's more like 05 Navy or 06 Cornflower. If you love Cornflower, maybe Ocean is for you:tup:

    I think this is a good season to buy black if you haven't got one already, because the leather is absolutely TDF!:drool:
  6. I will vote for black as it's a classic color which matches all. If go for ocean, it will be quite difficult to blend it well with jeans.....i used to have an indigo blue first but i realised that it's not easy to match, that's why i decide to sell off that bag...:love::love:
  7. black..... although the ocean is gorgeous, i love the black more, i've seen other bbags age, and nothing, absolutely nothing ages as beautifully as the black does.......other colors, the lighter ones in particular don't age as 'gracefully', the black gets more beautiful with age.........
  8. Oh this is a hard one! I guess it depends on what you mostly wear. I hardly ever wear jeans (mostly khaki colored pants, dresses and skirts) so I would say ocean. I love Balenciaga blues.

    However, if I wore jeans a lot I would probably not buy blue because of the reasons listed above. Black is always a classic and the leather this season is....oh my, no words can describe it but lovely. :love:
  9. My vote is definitely for ocean. You can get black in any season, but ocean is just for this season.
  10. I voted for black. You've been really wanting one, so I say go for it now.
  11. hmm.... not a fan of blue bags... but the ocean from the pics I've seen looks goooorgeous! go for the ocean... you can get black any time!
  12. I say black. I've seen ocean and I think it's pretty, but maybe you should add a classic color to your collection. =)
  13. I vote Black. It's a classic color, and there's nothing quite as classic as a Black City...
  14. I think a Black City is a necessary staple for every Bal lover!:tender:Good luck with your decision, Verty!:yes:
  15. Eeekkk... I want to call now... but I don't know what to order! LOL

    Why do Balenciaga's have to come in pretty colors? Why can't they just come in black and white... then my decision would be easy ;)