Ocean Day: GGH, GSH, or RH?


Ocean Day: GGH, GSH, or RH?

  1. GGH

  2. GSH

  3. RH

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  1. I know for sure I want an Ocean Day. Gorgeous color, plus I love the Day style. I'm pretty sure I want GH, but which color?

    I feel like gold would really bring out the blue and make it pop, but then silver sticks with the whole "cool" color family theme.

    I've already collected a couple of opinions on this (thanks!) but I wanted to get a broader perspective because this is driving me crazy. :nuts:
  2. i ordered an ocean city with rh yesterday. i think it's such a pretty color :yes:

    if you def. want gh.. i actually agree, i think gold would be nice. a pf-er said they saw it with gold and said it was amazing!
  3. didn't know Ocean blue comes with Gold HW, anyway. Blue and Gold rocks, so I vote Blue with Giant Gold HW
  4. I still favor the Regular Hardware :yes:
  5. Same opinion, i wuld prefer it in RH....:yes:
  6. voting for the ocean day in RH.
  7. If you're thinking about GH, I'm going to vote for silver GH on this one. The reason is the white stitching. It lends itself to a more casual look and think the silver GH really compliments that nicely...........good luck making a decision.
  8. HI, I agree with Cracker on this one... I think the SGH will go best with the Blue. Good Luck and let us know what you get ;)
  9. Another vote for SGH :yes:
  10. I think GSH would be lovely with blue, although I still prefer RH.
  11. I think GSH coz to me it just seems like it will blend really well with the ocean... it will pick up the color really well i mean! good luck!
  12. 1st choice = RH :tup:

    2nd choice = GSH :tup:
  13. I'm very naughty and I ordered it today. :smile: espite my initial inclination to go with GGH, I went with your advice and got a GSH one. The drop-dead gorgeous eBay auction definitely helped me make up my mind.

    I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! :nuts:
  14. Congratulations! I was going to say GSH as well. I have the anthra day with GGH and love it. I really like the GH on the day because there's not as much of it as on the city, etc. Just enough to give it oomph. Can't wait to see pictures. Anticipation!!!! :tup: