ocean colored bags pics please?

  1. So my bluefly order has been canceled and am very upset:cursing::crybaby: I've been looking at the ocean day at diabro and I think I will go ahead and purchase it. I'd like to ask you lovely ladies to post pics of your ocean colored bags as I'm not sure if that's the blue PT I saw at Nordstrom yesterday.TIA!;)
  2. I was at Nordys Sac the other day and I didn't see an Ocean P/T there.

    Here's my Ocean First.
  3. Thanks so much camommyof3! I think you're right. BTW did you see the vert gazon PT? Isn't it beautiful? I wished they had that color in the day style.:smile:
  4. :p
    What ocean day....?
    With giant siver ???
  5. moving to the main forum :yes:
  6. I saw a Vert Gazon GH PT at NM the yesterday...that color is GORGEOUS! Loved it. Looked a little brown in the store, but the SA told me that in natural light, it's definitely a deep olive. That color just really stuck with me!
  7. yes an absolutely stunning color!! but are you sure it's vert gazon? IMO vg is closer to emerald color than olive. :>
  8. ^^^ do you mean Vert Fonce??

    I think Vert Gazon is the bright grass green and Vert Fonce is the new olive :yes:
  9. Yeah, I did mean Vert Fonce. Sorry. I was reading to fast and still steaming about my bluefly order so my eyes weren't reading the right way. :p
  10. yes I think mrqx2 meant vert fonce. :yes::yes:
  11. I'm steaming right along with ya girl!!:cursing::cursing:
  12. What did you order, pinaygirl? I had ordered the Mogano City and I'm thisclose to ordering from diabro. But that difference of about $250 is going to haunt me...:cursing:
  13. I ordered a sienna city and a black day all for $1410 total:cursing::cursing: If I were you, just order from diabro, I've never seen the sienna IRL but they've reduced the price. I've seen the mogano IRL it's beautiful. Right now I'm thinking about sienna day instead of ocean day. :smile: Diabro is the best, but I couldn't pass on the bluefly discount. :cursing::cursing::cursing:
  14. That's an incredible price for the sienna city on diabro. I think starsnhevn posted pics of her sienna city...GORGEOUS! I think you should totally get it!

    I tried on a noir Matalesse at NM yesterday too and fell in love. And the price on diabro is so good on those! :tup: