Ocean City or Ocean Twiggy?

  1. Which one should i get?
  2. I vote for city because it is my favorite style.
  3. Hmmm... City!!
  4. city!
  5. :tup: City!!
  6. twiggy! I love light/bright color twiggys!
  7. I am personally a fan of the Twiggy.
  8. I am on city overload right now, so I'm gonna say TWIGGY! I think twiggy would look lovely in Ocean!
  9. do you have any city?
    if you do, i'd say get it in twiggy!
    i'd love a bright colored twiggy!:yahoo:
  10. I love twiggys! It would look stunning with the ocean color.
  11. City. Love the ocean.
  12. Twiggy. It's more unexpected than the City. But I would say the true answer lies in your body shape...
  13. I love twiggys!
  14. I have an Ocean City and I loooooove it! So I say City!
  15. Twiggy! :tup: