Ocean City, NJ?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I was just wondering if anyone has ever been to Ocean City, NJ.. not to be confused with Ocean City, MD. Each year my family picks a vacation and my aunt picked Ocean City, NJ this year.. Ive been doing research and cant seem to find more than the typical beach/boardwalk thing. I also found out its a "dry" town which means theres no alcohol.................... :crybaby:
    I dont want to seem like an alcoholic, but if you knew my family, you would be crying too.. haha.. All I have to say is thank goodness the other towns are close by.

    Has anyone ever been there and can recommend good things to do? Thanks! :heart:
  2. ive never been there but my aunt and uncle go down there every year, with their family and they have young children, I think its a very family oriented place, but ive never been
  3. Never been, but isn't that the place where Bruce Springsteen is from?
  4. ^ Nope, Asbury park I think.

    I say try Seaside or Atlantic city if she wants to do Jersey. Ocean City seems a bit boring to me.
  5. Oh, that's right. Now I remember. Thanks for clearing that up.
  6. Ocean City, NJ is very nice!! It was just voted the best beach in NJ.

    Yes, it is dry, but there are a bunch of liquor stores before you get on the island, so as long as you don't mind driving five minutes, you'll be fine.

    Ocean City has a very nice beach for the day, and the boardwalk is definitely more "up-scale" than the other boardwalks in NJ-you won't see any FBI-Federal Booby Inspector shirts there.

    It has your typical shore community stuff to do-mini golf, water rides, etc. Tons of food to try.

    There are plenty of other beach communities you can take trips to-Atlantic City if you want drinking, gambling and shopping (There's a Gucci, Bottega & LV there), Cape May if you want Victorian stuff-it's a very pretty area. Stone Harbor is pretty famous, lots of cute little bistros.

    Those three places are about 20-30 minutes away depending on the traffic.

    I grew up at the Jersey shore, so if you have any specific questions feel free to ask!
  7. I grew up there as well. Great family place. Liquor, clubs and dining just over the bridge. Casinos on Absecon Island just north of OC. Many fond memories. Enjoy.
  8. IMO the nicest beach in NJ is spring lake and its a town over from belmar which has clubs/bars for nighttime
  9. ^^ Wow, thanks so much guys, esp. JillyBean... im going to try to convince my family to sneak away to AC for a day since we're going to be down there for a week. Thanks so much for the tips, im always afraid of those FBI shirts.. lol
  10. I love Ocean City! My um I'm not quite sure what she was to me, my great aunt or something, lived there and we'd go visit her all the time when we were kids :yes: Nice beaches, I loved the boardwalk when I was little (skeeball addict, hehe), and great restaurants too. My parents went up last year when she passed away to dedicate something hospital related, but I haven't been in years so I'm not sure what it's like now, but no doubt it's still great!
  11. Guess where I go every AUGUST?
    Ocean City is only an hour from me.GREAT beaches.great boardwalk....we veg on the beach all day.then eat MAC AND MANCOS FAMOUS pizza on the boardwalk..LOL
    Its a great place to chill...LMK when u will be there...Im there all the time...the last 2 weeks in August always.
  12. Oh I love it there too, its really family friendly. :smile:

    Jill where do you stay?
  13. I think Ocean City is a matter of taste. If you have little kids and lots of patience its great but again, it depends what you like. I grew up there, summers in the residential section which is way past the hoopla of the boardwalk and very quiet. The boardwalk scene tends to get on my nerves after an hour or so and the big amusement ride areas get really crowded. We don't go anymore...kids are older and we are less patient and just like the peace and quiet of another beach area.

  14. Try to sneak to AC on a weekday and not a weekend. It's too packed on the weekend! The new mall is really pretty-it overlooks the ocean & has a water show every hour in the fountain. All of the restaurants are on the top floor & have bars that look out on to the ocean. It makes for a nice afternoon/evening.

    If you want more of a boardwalk experience-Wildwood is a fun trip. It's about 20 minutes away. They have 3 piers of rides, and a great water park. My bf's family has a house in the Crest, and we go into Wildwood a few times each summer just to watch the people because you see all kinds there.

    If you need any restaurant tips or anything else as time gets closer, feel free to PM me!
  15. can u believe i've lived in nj since im 3, now 21 and i never heard of ocean city lol. I MUST GO THERE NOW! lol