Ocean Brief, Matelasse Clutch, and a few other pics...

  1. So I decided to take some photos with my Blackberry - the photos are quite bad...sorry, couldn't use the flash since I didn't want to get caught...

    (MONSOON, I dedicate these pics to you! Hope you feel like you're at the store (only with horrible photos!).

    For a list of their current inventory please refer to POST #49 of this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga-shopping/balenciaga-at-tysons-galleria-nm-105451.html

    The sad sad sad display of Balenciagas at Tysons Galleria NM...


    OCEAN BRIEF...What do you think???
    (so yummy! but the style just doesn't really do it for me anymore)...


    OCEAN PART TIME W/ SILVER GH...the yummiest combo I've seen so far...


    MATELASSE CLUTCH...would you actually spend $945 US on this?... (Sienna?)


    FRENCH BLUE W/ GOLD GH...(what is this doing here? It's too fabulous of a bag to just be hanging on a rack!)

  2. Grass Green City w/ GH (gorgeous!) - MASTIC GH Hobo below...


    Another shot...


    Finally Black Besace w/ Silver GH...

  3. Thanks for the spy pics, ICB! The ocean looks very lovely in these photos - a bit brighter than some of the other shots I have seen. I surprised to see the FB and VG still around - I only wish that I liked the GH more.

    I would have thought that the mastic was actually Sandstone from these photos, they look so similar.

    As for the matelasse clutch - that's just too much $$ for me.

    Also, I don't like how they just have the bags all hanging together like that on a couple of polls - it seems disrespectful treatment of such great bags. If a person wants a bag in the back, then they have to paw through a bunch of other ones to get to it. I would be worried about incidental marks and scratches from all of the extra handling.
  4. I can't get over the display...

    I'm in Australia and our department stores don't sell Balenciaga... Do other NM stores display their bags like that?!
  5. Incoral, Thanks a mill for being our Bbag spy! LOL

    I actually really like the color of the Ocean Brief....I wonder if the actual color is darker than this?

    And what are the reds in the background? Vermillion or Tomato??:confused1:

    Matelasse clutch: Sorry, don't like matelasse to begin with, so this is out of the question for me!

    And yeah, what's up with those bags hanging from the racks like they're some cheap bags?? They've got no space or Bbags or what?
  6. ooh spy pics! good job!

    Barney's had them like that last year, all jammed together.

    When I was in Selfridges London two years ago (I think it was) everything was out but on HORRIBLE security cables. ugh - the worst.

    I've been avoiding :whistle:looking at bags I might lust over so I never saw the Besace w/silver: nice. And the hobos. And that Ocean. Want. *sigh* :push:
  7. When Tysons first carried Balenciaga (1 of the first two Neiman Marcus to carry it! the other is San Francisco) they were neatly presented on a table and shelves...then suddenly, Chloes marched right in and poor 'ole Balenciagas were stuck in the racks and shoved in the corner (I'll have to show you someday the horrible conditions of these bags from being treated so badly) - okay, that sounded like a complete documentary but anyway...

    Not all Neimans display it like that...

    look at Neiman San Francisco

    (photo from Beverly)





  8. :heart:;)Ohhhh wow, which store is this???
    Is this the currnet collection they still have ??

    I must be dreaming.....J:drool:
  9. In this shot, the red is TOMATO (with Silver GH)...
    plus the color of OCEAN in this photo is very similar in person (I adjusted the photos, they were way to dark/drabby)...

  10. Hmmm...are you referring to the good photos? (San Francisco) or the HORRIBLE spy photos? (Tysons Galleria, Mclean, VA/ DC area)
  11. Oh I agree, I can't believe that French Blue is still sitting there!??? Thanks undercover Bbag lover (ICB)...
  12. I think the FB PT is the one I returned in late april - the leather was peeling off of the straps holding the gold circles on the side. Glad to see that the store is trying to resell the bag! :push:
  13. Gosh, every bag deserves its own shelf. I remember the bags had nice spaces of their own in Saks New Orleans.
  14. :confused1:
    Is there any sane reason why they would give Chloe bags the shelf space? I am not familar with Chloe handbags, but I would guess they are not as expensive as Balenciaga handbags. Or am I wrong about that?
  15. That display is insulting ... you might as well be at TJ Maxx!

    The new Neiman Marcus in Austin, Texas rivals the San Francisco NM with their display of Balenciagas - they have a whole inset "room" devoted to them. I was in heaven!!

    Why would they even bother to do that? Can't they send it back to Balenciaga for credit? I don't know how that works...I'm curious - does anyone know?