Ocean blue - opinions please

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  1. ^^ Smart move
  2. I totally would dita, everytime I've phoned the outlets they've had black and white in at least. They are lovely, blingy, fit on the shoulder great, so light, kid friendly and hold everything. I'm sure you could pull if off too, a vinyl tote is very "you" :P
  3. LMAO :lol: If that came from anyone else, I'd think they were trying to insult me :P

    I am drawn to the red but think the blue or white would be easier to wear :yes: Don't have to decide straightaway, though.
  4. ^^ To be honest the black, white, navy and red are all really nice, I should know I've tried them all! I think the white in particular hasn't been popular so you might even get a 70% off bargain at some point;). Am sure you will make the right choice, I nearly ended up with red myself, also considered black but I already have black bays xx

  5. SJ- I've just read this thread havnt got to the end yet...but I :heart: the ocean blue I've got the medium mabel and its a beautiful blue not in ur face but splash of colour. THe A4Tote is a good size bag for travelling but so is the mabel..off to read the rest of the thread!
  6. OH Samina, things have moved on. I've just gone for a turquoise Mitzy messenger instead!
    I still think an ocean blue medium Mabel would be fab, the tote wasn't really me. Think the sale price was swaying me!