Ocean blue - opinions please

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  1. That's my much loved & much used motto Dita!

    We do speak the same bag language, you only had to say Peacocks & that was it, I went right off it! Shallow, moi? :P
    Just ordered a blue knitted dress instead!
  2. Oh my word!!:nuts: Just logged in and found this!! SJ what are you like??!!:roflmfao::nuts:
  3. SJ, you make me speechless again. I think you live too close to SM!!! This year did just start!! I think I am going to keep a list with all your swaps in 2009. I bet it will be long!!
  4. Bagcrazy, think it could need a dedicated notebook!
    Swapping is fun though. One initial purchase can lead to dozens of bags before I find the right one!
  5. If I lived that close to an outlet, I might even be worse than you!!
  6. I'm just wondering what SJ hasn't come up with yet, how about a massive vinyl tote for your holiday, it would hold everything and the kitchen sink :P
  7. What about a black elgin, a black alana (yes I know she already had one but you know, people can change their minds ;))... ooh, or an oak bays?! :nuts:
  8. ^^^Think black alana has been and gone!!! it's hard to keep up with sj's bag antics!!
  9. Girls, one thing you can be sure of - I will never buy an oak bag.
    Won't say never to a black bag because some take my fancy but - no offence here - won't be coming home with a vinyl one either.
  10. Well SJ, we're running out of bags that you haven't thought about yet!!
  11. See, I would TOTALLY buy a vinyl bag. I would love it for the summer/beach etc - really lightweight and wipe clean. Spacious, too. My only issue with the vinyl Roxy totes is the price - £400/£500 is just too much.
  12. I agree with the price for the vinyl dita, thats why I never buy unless I'm getting a fabby deal, and its something that I actually like and want, not just for the sake of it....I'm very careful about spending any sort of money on a bag, especially if its just on a whim.
  13. Dita , these are really reduced now aren't they ?
  14. I'm sure you got a great price, Daisy :tup: I've just been thinking about it today as I'm planning my summer hols :yahoo:and trying to work out what bags to bring.
  15. I haven't been into a store in a while so I wouldn't know. They're still only 30% off online. I'd be looking for more than 60% :lol: Presumably once the stores finish their sales, the bags will appear in the outlets. By then, I'll have sold a few and will be in the market for a summer bag :tup: