Ocean blue - opinions please

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  1. Maybe we should have a ban on buying on Monday, it's such a miserable day we are all drawn to ways of cheering ourselves up!
  2. ^^^ Totally agree!!!!
  3. It's grey here today so if I look up will be even more depressed.
  4. :roflmfao: (as is the blue Roxanne tote!)

    I can see why it's tempting, SJ. However, I can't help thinking that they're going to be SO cheap when they finally hit the outlets. Mulberry must have so many of them in stock - they've been reduced on the website for weeks and still haven't sold out. I think they're the new Ayler :P

    Plus, if you got one from House of Fraser, you could take out a storecard and get a further 20% off - so it would only be £240. Not enabling you to do that, as such - it's just that £300 isn't the cheapest, cheapest it could be.

    In addition :lol: my friend ordered one 2 weeks ago and sent it back on the same day. She just thought that the colour, in that particular leather, in that size of bag, looked very cheap :shame: She said it looked like something that you'd get from Peacocks :Push:

    Please don't order anything until you've come back from Bicester :nogood:

    Have I put you off yet?!

    ETA I do know how you're feeling. Now that I'm clearing out, I'm thinking, ooh, that pink Roxanne tote would be lovely for the summer. But I know it's just random bag lust and my changeable nature!
  5. Peacocks???? OMG!
    Yep, you've put me off.......thanks Dita, I needed that.
  6. Thank god for Dita- well done!!!

  7. oh - quite sunny here!!!:P
  8. Peacocks - perfect - discussion considered closed?
  9. Closed, dead, buried.
  10. ^^^ totally agree with you dita!
  11. Yippee, crisis averted :yahoo:
  12. #57 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    SJ, I'm speechless.

    Okay, not really, but wow. You sure know how to keep us on our toes!

    Everyone has already said this, but I say wait and see what's at Bicester. Plus, you've already got aqua Mabel and Milton clutch, two blueish bags. Why do you need a third? Also, I think Mabel would be a fab travel bag, very secure zip top, lightweight, roomy for all the passports, magazines, etc, and it is gorgeous.

    I daresey you'll regret getting the tote in blue, end up sending it back and have us all shaking our heads in bemusement. :P

    Well, Dita's done it again! Well done Dita!!!!!
  13. ahh peacocks!!! SJ - are you within walking distance of an outlet? Oh my god this would get me into so much trouble. I think sometimes blue bags can get a bit dodgy unless you are totally in love with them - especially if they are on the cool colour side - i have two blue bags (not mulberry) and i cant seem to wear them - and i love the navy one. A4 tote is big too!

  14. At least someone here knows how to speak SJ, I was failing miserably!
  15. :lol: I think SJ and I speak the same language when it comes to bags - if it's a bargain, buy now, think later :nuts: