Ocean blue - opinions please

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  1. haha :nuts::roflmfao: ah dear - well its a good price, hard to avoid really.

  2. Oldbags, it's so annoying when bags just throw themselves at you, isn't it!
  3. Limited edition - So you used your A4 Tote yesterday. I have to say I am more than a little upset that you did not make use of your 'usherette tray' which would have been equally adaptable to your shopping needs.

    Frankly I think I could put a stop to all this excessive bag buying if people took my inventions a little more seriously!

    Old Bags incognito!
  4. SJ you've had more bags this year than I've had hot dinners! Are you really sure about this?
  5. ^^It seems like that but actually most of them have gone back. Very few remain at SJ Towers.
    No I'm not really sure but when am I ever really sure about a bag purchase? LOL!
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. Are you sure you don't want to wait a bit? You have aqua mabel and a clutch already as bluey toned bags plus the new season bags will be coming out soon, you might like the shimmy/mitzy in blue. :shrugs:
  8. Wait & bags are not two words that go together in my vocab but you could be right.
    I'll think I'll go for a little walk & have a think about it & see if the bag lust passes.
  9. I hope you're not planning to 'walk' to Shepton!
  10. ^^Already checked, they haven't got one otherwise a nice little 'walk' that way might have been on the cards!
  11. ^^ Its only Jan, it seems a bit early to be buying your "one and only purchase of 2009" you were waxing lyrical a few days ago about using the bags we have and not buying more SJ!

    Post on the mulberryholics support thread SJ, you're having a lapse!
  12. ^^Big time relapse.

    I've just shed 4 bags so I think 1 addition isn't too bad.
    If I didn't have this trip coming up soon I probably wouldn't be thinking about a new bag but the tote is calling me.
    I have reduced my bag haul considerably & am using them all & enjoying them, so I reckon I can be forgiven one little lapse.
  13. Well well well. Don't know what to say! somehow cannot see you with huge blue bag! wait and see if something grabs you at bicester when you take Antony back.

  14. It's Monday, I'm bored, have house full of workmen & so I've got a dose of bag lust. Perhaps the blue is just a yearning for some blue sky! Maybe I should book a quick trip down to Nice, might be cheaper!!
  15. Go for a walk outside and look UP !!! that's really cheap!