Ocean blue - opinions please

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  1. Did you send the fuschia tote back ??-can't keep up , sorry .
    if you sent the fuschia back I think the blue would be even more in your face. Like others have said the blue looks great on a small bag like the mabel - not so sure on a tote.
    The bag its self is fantastic , very well behaved and looks great with a few bits in or packed to the rafters , not sure I would go for a blue tote ....then again I change my mind like the weather so who's to say when little mabel arrives I won't want it in a different bag.

    BTW managed to get the M&S meal for £10 in my tote yesterday, did get a few strange looks with the bottle of wine sticking out the top .....I told myself they were trying to see if my Mulberry was real or not ......there is sooooo many fakes around here at the mo - it's like every chav got one for christmas, bought their sister and best friends one at the same time ( wonder if they went to the same market stall that ratrat's DD got hers from)
    Oh and what is it with fake UGGS ......ughh !!!!

  2. I flirted with the idea of the pink one but never bought it.
    I'm with you - the more colour the better!
  3. I think she's made her mind up . I bet she's already ordered it !! LOL
  4. ^^No I haven't, not yet. Honest.
  5. Sara,

    Is this going to be one of those funny threads again!! I was under the impression you were on the sofa.

    I must say I do love the ocean blue Roxy Tote:heart:
  6. I am on the sofa but I'm allowed 1 purchase this year! Has to be made before Feb 1 then I'm in competition with Jo & I know she has way more willpower than I do!
  7. Sj - I'm sure someone will be happy to relieve you of it if you're not too keen when it arrives!
  8. SJ I say, seeing as it is coming from the website, go for it. If you don't like it at least you can send it back and get a full refund rather than vouchers.
  9. ^^That's what I was thinking. It's never such a hard decision when you know you can get a full refund!
  10. Seems almost rude not to!
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Oldbags do you have it in fuschia? I'll add you to the club

  12. Me too! BUY BUY BUY :woohoo:

    Otherwise you'll be forever wondering......

    Just factor in that you'll need to pay for return postage should the need arise.

    I have a feeling you'll love it though
  13. JJB, my thoughts exactly.

    Morgan - funny threads, moi?? :angel:

    Aly, think I will! Actually, I like to think I keep our little sub post office going with all my parcels!
  14. Maple - I have the Ocean Blue Mabel, and may have 'accidentally' obtained a Fuschia Mabel yesterday, can't quite remember so cannot be blamed for this lapse!
  15. As maplecottage has noted, I do indeed have a small ocean blue Mabel. She's my only Mulberry so I nothing to compare her with. In any case, I think the colour is stunning and really makes the bag stand out. It could be thought of as a bit bright (my boyfriend thinks so ... but his taste is so conservative), but I love it. It is bright like a jewel and it looks different in different lights. In brilliant sunlight it looks most like it does on Mulberry.com, and it never looks much like it does in my photos (except maybe the one where I'm holding it). Seeing as my wardrobe is mainly black, it really gives my outfits a lift. I carry Mabel nearly every single day. :smile: