Ocean blue - opinions please

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  1. I'm about to make my one & only bag purchase of 2009 :nuts: & I'm flirting with the idea of the Roxy A4 tote in ocean blue.
    I know Jenova doesn't like the colour but what do the rest of you think?
    I know Ltd Edition has just bought an ocean blue Mabel. Has anyone else got a bag in this colour? If so, what do you love about it?
    I've got to get this purchase right so any help would be much appreciated.
  2. :faint:
  3. Oh no!!! Really? Blue? Have you seen it IRL Sara? Worried you will send it packing like fuschia.

    It is pretty full on, I think it looks great on ClaireL's little mabel, but I think its because it works in small amounts.

    I love the a4 roxy so the bag itself is an awesome piece of kit but gosh I'm just not sure I could recommend it in that colour - what colours do you wear a lot of?

    It would make a good travel bag in summer perhaps?
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    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    Mmm, tricky. I personally like the colour, but Maple is right it is quite full on. Love the style and although that colour wouldn't be right for me (Mrs Oak, Choc and Black :winkiss: ) you love your bright bags Sara so it could work really well for you.

    Although it's part of the winter collection, I can also see it looking stunning in the summer paired with white - a def must for the South of France, non??!!
  5. I'm a full on kind of girl which is why I think I'd like it.
    I'm trying to make sure that the next bag is a colour & style I don't already have. Only blue I currently have is aqua Mabel & that's more sea green than blue.

    Aly, mais oui! That's my thinking, that it would be a great one for when I'm up & down to Nice in the summer.

    Maple, I wear lots of black, grey, red, navy, turquoise, coral & white.

    Riff - sorry!!!
  6. SJ , will you be swopping brick Anthony for blue A4 Tote ?
    I have to say as you already have aqua mabel , do you really need another SOF bag ?
  7. I have the Ocean Blue Mabel and have been in lust ever since I got it. I have used it almost every day. I thought I would be putting it away for the summer, but have worn it with black, grey and red.

    It is a stunning, rich, bold colour, not at all 'harsh' I would describe it as jewel like.

    Old Bags at Work incognito!
  8. The plan is to swap brick Antony but probably not for blue tote as there are none at Bicester so I'd have to order it from the web.

    That's my dilemma, do I really need another summer bag....the tote would probably be more versatile for travelling than aqua Mabel & I'm just drawn to the colour.
    Oh well, variety is the spice of life as they say.

    Oldbags - now that's what I was hoping to hear. Do you think the colour would be too much on the tote - bearing in mind I'm only 5ft 3!!
  9. ^^^^The crow flies at dawn :graucho:

    ETA - meant in response to OBR!!
  10. as well as Red Lancel, Araline, and Aggy and is it a La Pilage you use in SOF as well.
  11. SJ , you do realise that Jo will win the wager ...
  12. It would go great with your colour palette Sara - actually it would be quite a statement piece against those colours - if you can pull it off I say go for it, afterall it is a great price and my goodness this bag is so practical it would be perfect for the holiday season.
  13. I cannot be impartial on this one as I love huge statements of colour - the bigger and bolder the better. Didn't you have the pink one under your desk at one stage?

  14. Ho-hum, when you put it like that!
    Le Pliage is my pool bag. Araline is my going to market, trips out bag. Red Lancel tends to get left here at home & Aggy, well who knows what may come of Aggy this year.

  15. Ha, but not if I swap brick Antony for something Mulberry but not a bag & buy the tote from the web! That'll be the one bag I'm allowed.....
    tactics eh?!