Ocean 07/ Electric blue 08

  1. i finding some color that near to marine , coz marine is a rare now
    the seller in balenciaga boutique said that the only nearest color to marine
    is ocean 07 which is current season color , or this coming december electric blue 08

    i prefer it in part time size with golden hardware ...

    any one with ocean part time can post picture ?

    i guess shade of blue is much easier match then purple

    well purple is hot , i saw so many violet , like work , city , step , so many size....

    but i guess , i dun have much cloth to go with purple...

    any advice?:tup:
  2. hi rainie. you're really giving up the anthra? can i ask, besides thinking blue is easier to match, what's the other real reason you're looking for a colour close to marine? if you want to get a rare colour, where are you going to find it in the first place? i imagine most s/s 07 colours have sold out...

    marine is a deep blue. i would think it's closer to EB of 08. ocean is unique and likely close to some blues of 05/06.

    i found this thread:

    the GGH marine PT is gorgeous indeed. good luck and hope you decide what to do next.
  3. i love my anthracite now but beoz am quite tall 170cm
    and i guess city too small for me
    i would like to find anthracite in part time size ....
    but dun have anymore...
    so i lookin for marine... ><''
    what do u think?????
  4. btw i ask the balenciaga boutique they ask me to with for electric 08 too.
    coz it more closer to marine then .... ocean
  5. since you're tall, the style of the bag is not v primary, eh? only a shorty like me needs to worry about whether the Work's too big. you should be choosing a style that's more you. from the First to the Weekender, it's your choice.

    yep, marine should be closer to EB. meantime, enjoy your anthra city if you can't return or exchange it. sell it only if you can get back almost as much as you've paid - the city is a bal staple most gals would like in their collection. and wait for 08 bags to arrive. or hopefuly you find your marine/anthra PT.

    we can't make up your mind for you, you know? ;)
  6. glossie r u singaporean? erm , i had not use my b bag yet .
    it still waiting in my dust bag ... hehe
    i hope to get bk my full amount ....
  7. hello. yes, i am ;) i think you're not doing the city justice by hiding it and not giving it a shot! :p i'm joking, of course. i do feel that the city sometimes doesn't hold much, and i'm not even the type to lug my life in my bags. perhaps one day i'll give the PT a chance again.

    so the store lets you exchange for an 08 bag? or you have to sell your anthra? i believe we won't see the new bags until dec :rolleyes:
  8. the store said they wont return my money but they will put my bag as new , wait for another customer to choose it , coz i jus bought it for ard 2 weeks.
    ya i need to sell it haha. i think is better to wait then sell it to second hand shop coz that will make me a much lost !!!! ....
    u got msn?
    hahah .. maybe is better for US to chat there
    add me then c ya
  9. The other day, I just saw a lady with what i think is Anthra GGH city at wheelock Borders and its BEAUTIFUL! :tup:
    I wish i could carry a City but i'm a guy so i'm afraid it'll look too girly.

    I'll have to agreed with Glossie, enjoy your City 1st and wait for the 08 colors to come out. If its Dec, thats only less than 2 months away.
  10. I have Ocean & I would say it's too bright to be comparable to Marine. I'd say it's closer to French Blue.

    Here is mine. This is pretty acturate to the color IRL:
  11. dont u guy think GGH combo look better with part time?
  12. IMO, i think GH looks best in PT, Work and Weekender (ie the larger styles)...great to see many Sgreans here! *waves from NSW*

    Anthracite is a gorgeous colour and really suits the gold so...take it out and work it! :smile:
  13. Verty: your Ocean City is gorgeous
  14. Verty, love your Ocean City...I have to say though that Ocean is not even close to Marine (Ocean is more like 05 Navy)...Marine is probably closer to Blueberry (but not as bright in the sun). In certain light, my Marine is more like Indigo 05.

    Here's a Marine City & French Blue Day:
    007 - Copy (2).JPG 005 - Copy.JPG
  15. ^ yep i also thought ocean should be closer to 05 navy. i love navy, that's why i love ocean ;)

    *wave back to nanjaiphile* hello, hello!

    rainie > my msn is cranky most of the time :p sorry if i'm being too intrusive: what if nobody buys your anthra by the time the 08 bags come? i just feel that perhaps you've to let it go for now and not go back and forth again on the next bbag yet. i'm saying this on the presumption that you don't have the ready finances to get the 08 EB in case your anthra still sits unsold in the store. just don't lose your head over this, kwim?