OCD Need to Plan my next Chanel purchases

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  1. First of all, let me say that this forum is my mothership. I have been looking for people like you for so long, so I thank you for all of your support :smile:

    Let me introduce myself first. I am a 25 yo newlywed who has always been obsessed with fashion and handbags. I got my first Chanel last summer, a small beige flap with gold hardware. I got my black GST w GH this past Christmas, and like a true Chanel addict, I have already ordered my next bag, a Beige Medallion tote which should arrive in the next couple of weeks.

    Being the OCD "planner" that I am, I am already planning my next purchase. I really really want a caviar leather jumbo flap. I also want a white WOC.

    I am asking for some insight on which bag I should purchase next, because obviously i can't get them all at once.

    Here are the ones I am wanting/wishing for:
    - Jumbo Flap (not sure on color, recs welcome)
    - White half moon wallet on chain
    - Petit Shopper (not sure on color, recs welcome)
    - Chanel wallet

    I know the jumbo flap is the most expensive, so any color recommendations would be welcomed. Perhaps a black with SH?

    Also, needing the white woc for a vegas trip in May, but I am nervous it will get dirty?

    Thanks in advance for all of your advice :smile:
  2. with black gst and beige flap with beige medallion on hte way already you need a brightly colored flap, for sure. and i am on a lamb kick myself but i see you prefer caviar...
  3. Yeah, I am kind of rough on my bags *oops*, so I think going with caviar is a better choice for me so I don't ruin my bags.

    I was thinking bright for jumbo flap too :smile:

    Any bright color recommendations?

  4. I am 25 years old and newlywed too!! cool!!!
    Jumbo flap is my favorite of all Chanel :yahoo: but i saw that you have small flap already...so i don't know if you want another flap now or you want something totally different. If you want something totally different, i don't think you should get shopping tote for now either because IMO it's kinda similar to the medallion tote that you'll get (so excited).
    So maybe wallet or half moon for the next one??? i'd prefer wallet myself because i like to have different colors and styles so i can match them with my bag but that's just me :P:P
    I am sure whatever you decide will be awesome....keep us update :nuts:
  5. 1. Black jumbo flap caviar shw or lambskin ghw
    2. White half-moon WOC (who cares if it's easier to get dirty, it's so gorgeous in this color!)
    3. I would skip PST since you already have GST (even though I'm also contemplating getting the PST :roflmfao:).

  6. :tup:
  7. Red, of course, if you can get your hands on one. I myself want the red Chevron patent!!!

    I think there's a beautiful yellow flap coming soon, is that bright enough for you? :biggrin:

  8. I have my Saks reward card and I'm going to New Orleans in 2 weeks, so I think I will use that on either a new Chanel wallet or WOC ... I am getting excited already just thinking about it!
  9. I am totally open to yellow ... I LOVE the blue roi (not sure if that is right) that someone posted in an earlier reveal thread ... love it!
  10. Whoa how did I forget blue roi? What's wrong with me? YES BLUE ROI IS FABUUUUUUUUUUU! Is it still available?

  11. Not sure, but I would love it if it were still available. I will email my SA and ask her what colors she has in the jumbo.

  12. :welcome2: to the Mothership! I'd definitely try to add a Red Jumbo Flap to your collection! :tpfrox:
  13. ITA a red jumbo flap :tup:

  14. I have to say WOC because the half moon shape is not going to be around forever and the others will.
  15. Mmmmmmmm yellow would be yummy. Anyone seen this new yellow? Is it caviar? I have 10c and me loves