OCD/ Matching accessories/bags

  1. Ok, i'm curious. I have notice so many buy matching wallets and bags. they wont buy a bag if it doesnt have matching accessories.

    So do you change your wallet every time you change your bag?

    I am in the match for a pink wallet, for the longest time i've been hooked on red but have set that aside for the moment. I truly think it will be a PITA to change wallets frequently. I think I might just do a spring/summer wallet and a fall winter one.

    Anyone else on this page ?
  2. my stuff never matches lol
  3. My stuff never matches either...mostly because I'm too poor to afford matching accessories.
  4. I like them to kind of match... not EXACTLY.

    For example, with my sig stripe tote, I didn't buy a sig stripe wallet..instead I got a cheap all leather Fossil wallet, but it's in sort of patent leather to match the trim on the tote. I love it!! :love:

    And I have a gunmetal sig stripe skinny that I'm going to pair with my black Carly [when i get it] I think the stripe is more fun, not so plain with just black signature.

    So, my accessories don't clash with my bag but they don't PERFECTLY match either.
  5. i agree w/margarita... i just bought a XL satchel in khaki/white from the heritage collection, but i'm trying to build on matching, so i at least bought the makeup bag for now, but its SO hard when wallets alone are like $200+ a piece...<shaking head> i don't think i'll ever buy an actual wallet at retail... i'd rather just use a matching plain leather wallet or else buy it off of eBay...
  6. See until about last yr I was using an lv wallet and had been using that for about 9 + yrs. When you are paying 500+ you want to make sure you wear it out LOL
    I sold it and bought a Isabella F wallet and love it. Tons of room, holds lost of c/c its dark brown and worked. Well not too long ago I saw Kimmie's turquoise wallet and located one. It was my first coach wallet. Well now i'm kind of blah with it( love the style) but am after pink...

    my thought has been its in my bag who see's it to know if it matches, or i'm running out of the house with just my wallet so it doesnt matter if it matches LOL

    I mean brown/black are neutral colors so they go with every thing no ?
  7. yeah i agree w/you bag fetish, i think brown/black go with everything... i mean who really cares about whats matching on the inside... like i saw in one thread, no one is gonna be like "o my gosh, she doesn't have a matching COACH wallet, how could she!" LOL... the only person that knows whats in your bag is YOU... at least your bag is COACH!! :love:
  8. Nope.. I hate switching out wallets.. WAY to big of a PITA in my opinion.. and costly! :wtf: I like to just thrown my wallet into whatever bag I want to wear that day and go. Right now I have a khaki/black bleecker checkbook wallet that I adore and matches everything.. although I am considering getting a pop of color for a wallet like turquoise, pink or red.. that will just look good with all bags and had some color. :tup:
  9. i don't match and frankly, it would be a PITA to switch every time i switched bags.
    i have a neutral coach wallet (you can see it in the coach collection thread)and a denim sig stripe mini skinny for cards and cash.
    i would rather get new bags than have a matching wallet for every bag i own! LOL
  10. No kidding.
    So I think i'm going to stick with a summer and winter wallet...
    I guess too its always nice to brighten up your bag (in the winter ) with a nice pink or gold wallet.
  11. Agree!
  12. ^ I agree that its a huge PITA! I'm especially afriad that when switching out my wallets I wil forget something that I really need and won't realize it until it's too late!

    I have a Coach wallet that fits in every one of my bags and it's blk so while it may not match it at least doesn't clash. Plus it's Coach and I love it dearly, it's the perfect size and shape (it's one of the old french style wallets, with nickel hardware).

    I am in the market for a new one, have several but love this one more than the others. Any suggestions on a new style? I like the teal one!
  13. I like stuff to coordinate but not match completely, kwim? I got a red wristlet and my red mini-skinny because it would go with all my bags...I did get a sig stripe wristlet in brown when I bought my Hamptons carryall, because I just couldn't resist getting them to match, but I carry it in all my bags even though it doesn't match my black ones exactly. I really want a Coach wallet, but I have a hard time justifying the cost when I could use a mini-skinny or wristlet, or even (goodness forbid!!) a NON-Coach wallet!!! :roflmfao:
  14. :smile:I changed my wallet everytime I change my purse. I actually bought the scribble pattern a couple years ago, the pouch, and I bought the coin purse that matched b/c they didn't have a wallet for it that season, but I also bought a sig card holder that matched the color. I ended up giving the bag to my sis-in-law, I gave her the coin purse, but forgot to give her the wallet. Anyway, I still have the wallet and haven't used it since she has the purse!
  15. ^^ dont you find that is a lot of work ? I mean sometimes I decide to change my bags and i'm leaving the house because the weather has changed, now to go back and change wallets to match a bag,..... OI