Occasions for gorgeous dresses?

  1. Hi I'm just wondering if anyone has a dress fetish like me?

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE dresses and if it were up to me I'd only wear dresses all the time... of course the cold harsh Canadian winter would not allow that...

    I was looking through my wardrobe yesterday and I realise that I have alot of gorgeous dresses (12 to be exact) that I have never worn and will probably never get the chance to.

    The last time I wore dresses/gowns it was during my highschool graduation years ago and back then i went through a pink phase so i was in this awful long pink thing.

    Other than weddings I really can't think of a special occasion to dress up and wear formal dresses and gowns.. Oh and my friends have REALLY REALLY casual weddings... On of my friends had a backyard wedding party and I distinctly remember a bald man in an oversize sky blue tshirt and pink flipflops
    and then we went to a hotel to have a cocktail later but it still wasn't a "gown" event...

    I have summer dresses that I wear alot but where and when will I ever get the chance to wear my gorgeous YSL gown? And I have this really pretty BCBG dress that's just been collecting dust in my closet... = (

    WHere and When do you guys get to wear your dresses?
  2. I wear dresses CONSTANTLY!! I love in Key west so its summer year round and Im very much a dress kind of girl!! As far as formal..(meaning black tie) that is like once a year! I have a masquerade formal this month and that was a challenge to buy a dress for!! Thank god I just know what styles look good and what I can and cannot wear as I had to shop for that on line!! ( I posted a pic in the wardrobe , and jewelry section...) check it out!!
  3. Go to the symphony or the opera. If you are into art, maybe there is a fancy gallery opening you can attend. I love dresses, too.
  4. I have a similar problem.... The truth is, the world has become more casual and even for "fancy" events, women will wear cocktail dresses.... I would go to your nearest big city, buy tickets to a charity event or opening.... I wouldn't wear a long gown just to the symphony or opera unless it's the opening.
  5. For the symphony or the opera, I would add the caveat that it depends where you are. But where I am, you will see women wearing anything from jeans to formal gowns and men from jeans to tuxedos. My boyfriend is about to get a tux made, so I guess I will be going formal next season!