OC Race For The Cure - Sunday

  1. I have donated to this Susan G Komen campaign for many years prior to being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Tomorrow will be my 1st walk/run in person.

    If you know somebody you wish to applaud their bravery and courage, or just donate for the cause, here is one opportunity of many. These Races take place t/o the country fall through winter each year.

    Every little bit counts. $5, $10, $20. Donations will be accepted for this OC event up to one week after Sunday:


    Thanks for reading :heart:

  2. Hey Pam! I will be walking too!! See you at the finish line...
  3. Go Girl :wlae:
  4. i'll be running next weekend for breast cancer in the cibc run for the cure!
  5. My 'run' may be a 'walk', but it is the meaning that counts!

    Go, shopgirl.
    We all need to ban together to build awareness one step at a time!