OC Collection and Classic Lesportsac....

  1. Hey Everybody!!!! I'm getting really excited for Halloween!
    I saw that you guys were talking about some the the Collections we do and some the classic stuff too. So I figured I'd let you guys know that if there is any classic print or styles you are looking for just go ahead and send me an e-mail with what you are looking for and I'll let you know what styles or prints we have it in.
    I personally Love the Bunnyville print that is coming out.
    On another note.....
    The OC Collection that we did is now at priced pointed prices. Get deals and great holidays gifts.
    Here is a list of OC bags at only $15.00
    Princess Pony Clutch in the Sparkler print.
    Coop Clutch in the Tijuana Rose print.

    At $20.00..........
    Cosmo's in Tijuana Rose and Bikini
    The Outsider in the Shadow print.
    The Atomic Duffels in Atomic and Super Sonic
    Comix Catchers in Atomic and Super Sonic

    At $30.00.........
    TJ weekenders in Shadow
    Harbor High Tote's in Sparkler
    Vixen's in Dune and Sparkler
    Newport Tote's in Tijuana Rose

    Hope to be hearing from everyone soon!!!!
    PS. We will do phone orders on Saturdays now but still not Sundays.