OC BV Store (and others) 20% Off Entire Store Charity Event

  1. South Coast Plaza mall in Orange County is having a charity event. With the purchase of one $60 Angelito's card supporting a children's charity in Orange County, you have access to 20% off of all participating stores from November 1 to 6 including Bottega. This is a great opportunity to get 20% off a bag that will *not* go on sale, or can not be found at Saks or NM but exclusive to BV.

    Let me know if you're interested and I can also forward you info for my SA at the BV there, who can also help you buy the Angelito's card in the store directly. She is also taking pre-orders. (Obviously if you don't live in OC they can ship to you).

    For more information, visit http://www.angelitosdeoro.org/default.aspx.
  2. Thank you for the post, Bunkie!
  3. thanks! I am fairly new to the forum and would be interested in getting a cabat (after reading all the posts) - do you know if the cabat line is included if so can you please send the info to my email account? And, do they charge sales tax ship to NYC?
  4. Yes any state that has a BV they charge sales tax to. Yes all bags are included.
  5. thanks for posting!
  6. wow -- that is a tempting deal!
  7. wow this is great! I'm excited about BV, fresh, shu uemura, and ron herman!
  8. Bunkie, thanks for the info. Will check it out!
  9. Thanks for the info Bunkie...oh, pls help me get in control this time!
  10. FYI, exotic skins are NOT included.
  11. Please fly me to Orange County!!
  12. ^^ can you do a charge send? I know you can buy the cards inside the store.
  13. From OC SA: excludes All RTW, exotics (croc, ostrich, lizard, karung, python, etc), limited edition items such as LE Cabat. Bummer...
  14. great to know. Thanks for the info, uclaboi.
  15. I have news on a similar deal. I was in the San Francisco BV boutique this past weekend and for a $50 donation to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, you would get 20% off your entire purchase. :tup: I believe limited editions & exotics were included. It's good until 11/4, I think. I just got the ball bag (the original style) in noce with matching zipper wallet. And since I had the entire purchase shipped to me here in Pittsburgh, it was tax-free! My SA's name is Roberto Arras--he was absolutely wonderful! 415-981-1700.