Obvious flaw

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  1. I was able to hunt down the Fuschia WOC from Hirshleifer.

    I like it so much so I don't intend to return, plus it's a hassle to ship back.

    It is perfect except for one minor flaw on the thread (see pic). I don't know how that could happen as if that part of the thread is thicker or double/triple loop. I'm scared it can get snag since it's bulging out.

    Do you think I can bring to a Chanel boutique to get it fix or what can I do to protect it?

    Thanks very much ladies!!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398547727.911009.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398547745.470834.jpg
  2. Well, that is a little aggravating for sure...but all considered I think if you can use the bag as is and not have it bother you, perfect. If not , I would send it back and look for another.
  3. I think they'd fix it for sure! And for free! I've had little stitching problems in the past and they can fix them right away!
  4. yeah, i see what you mean and i think Chanel would be willing to fix it
  5. Honestly you should have Chanel fix it and hopefully it will not get any worse.
  6. This would bother me, but I'm sure they would fix it for sure. I would get it fixed!
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    It looks like where the stitching was perhaps doubled or tripled as at the end of a bolt of thread. You should return it and get one that's perfect. Many Chanel boutiques will only fix bags you bought there, not at department stores. Hopefully you can get a perfect one from Hirsh.

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  8. Wow tutu you have good eyes, I didn't even notice all that detail. Now I can find another place with the double stitch. :sad: So there are 3 total. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398566372.691865.jpg

    I will contact Hirsh if they can find me another one otherwise hic hic hic. I love the color so much. Will be shopping in my area tomorrow, hopefully I'm lucky enough to spot another one and return this altogether. However I didn't pay tax on this one though. I plan this to be my 2nd and last WOC in time prior to the price increase.

    I have a love/hate relationship w/ Chanel.

    Thanks everyone for your input.
  9. If you look closely enough, you will find all sorts of wrinkles, double stitches, wonky stitches, stitches that are tripled (again, when sewing on a machine, this is done for reinforcement, so the stitches don't unravel), and many more things. You will even see some bags have pores and holes in the pores (or those without). You can see anything if you look closely enough. I heard someone once returned a caviar bag because one pebble was not the same height as the rest. These are made from skins by operators using machines, so they are not clones. Skins vary, machines vary, operators vary. Thread runs out at varied spots. It's all a matter of how "perfect" you think man created objects should be. I remember that I read the Hopi Indians would on purpose put a bead of the wrong color in a row of beads because they believed that the only perfect creations should be from their god(s). Humans aren't perfect, so not much they make is perfect. It's all a matter of how closely you look, and to what standard you hold things. Many on here want bags that are 100% perfect or they return them; that's their standard. Others accept that this is hard to obtain in a man made object, and will accept 95% or 99% or whatever. I can go back to your photo and encircle 50 things if I look at it long enough. Have you seen them? Nope. Would you after I made remarks? Yep. Did my doing that change the bag? Nope. But it's changed your perception of the bag. Again, humans are interesting beings. :smile: