Obvious Coach Keychains on Non-Coach Bags?

  1. Now I know I'm the first one to say that there are no "rules" to what you carry or how you carry or accessorize, but i'm curious. Would you think it would look really stupid to put a very obvious Coach keychain (Like one that basically says "Coach" in big letters right out on it) on a non Coach bag?

    Just wondering what people think.

  2. I have seen a coach keychain on a FAKE coach bag. That was tacky... but I don't think there is anything wrong with putting a charm on a non coach bag.. as long as it matches that is! :p
  3. i totally agree, i have a few on some of my vera bags.
    as long as the colors match then, thats all that matters to me!
  4. I think it is tacky to have an obviously coach charm on a non-coach bag. But its okay to have cute coach charms (like the monkey or dog) on non-coach bags.
  5. I went to the Coach store today and fell in love with the Coach A-Z letter keychains and want to get my DD's letter for a non-coach bag. I also liked the flower :yes:

    I don't think these are "obvious" but any Coach fan will know they are Coach.
  6. I wear my Coach goldfish on everything. I especially love it on a beige tapestry and mint leather Dooney I have. Same with my "W" charm, I wear it on everything! I think as long as the colors are complimentary, I think it's alright.
  7. I keep one of my initials on my black bbag. Here's a pic.
    black balenciaga.jpg
  8. I think it totally depends on the bag. If its a designer bag, then I say go for it. If its a non designer bag...egh, I don't care for it so much(but its not HORRIBLE). And a fake bag??HECK NO!
  9. hmmm. i don't see why not. i will have juicy charms on my coach bag soon...
  10. The only types of bags I can think of that will never go with an obviously coach charm:
    Fake Coach(esp. the REALLY fake ones)
    Seriously mismatched colors.

    That's all I can think of
  11. I just spent a week running around hot, sweaty, rainy Disney World. I carried a black LeSportsac (didn't want to ruin anything expensive), tied with a Coach ponytail scarf (it matched and was cute), and filled with my LV accessories (MC Pochette Cosmetique, Red Epi Organizer Wallet, Red Epi Agenda). I didn't worry about it one bit because I was happy and having fun :upsidedown: