obtaining updates, LV Catalog/Book

  1. Q: Does anyone know how often the paper version of the catalog comes out? It has no prices but it a great piece to browse. Can one subscribe pay for it ?

  2. I just get one given to me by my SA, just ask. I am sure they will provide you with one. I believe it is once a year.
  3. You can't subscribe to it, but as each new edition becomes available, LV stores will give them out to customers. Now, as copies are very limited, SAs naturally tend to give copies to paying customers, not browsing ones <my own deduction and observation>. Another way is to buy them off eBay, there are some now listed at very reasonable prices :smile: Good luck.
  4. Once a year - if you're interested, just give them a call at 866 VUITTON, they can mail you out one for 10$ (the postage, it's a hefty book !).
  5. ^^ once a year. I asked the SA to give it to me when I buy my purse...they're usually pretty nice about giving them out.
  6. great will ask