Obssessing about the Speedy in azure!?

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  1. Hello fellow bag lovers! (we make this world a better place!)

    Alright, so I have the Manhattan pm, which i looooooooooooveee - it's a beautiful bag! When I bought it about a month ago, I hesitated between that one and the Speedy (Damier, azure, 25 or 30...not sure. I am 5'1''...hence I think the 25 would look better)...so now I find myself obsessing over the Speedy! I want both I think!

    I am not sure it's legal to get 2 LV's so close together? My husband would think I am insane?!

    Have you ever experienced this? Did you go ahead and indulged...or have you been good and held off on it?

  2. the sizes i like for the speedy is 25 for the azure and 30 for the monogram,but this is my opinion haha...i would get both...i say in time..why not?
  3. Well i can tell you in my opinion go for it buy it. lol i recently splurged and bought 3 bags. And hubby knows my LVOE . He gets bothered but whatever they get over it. ;) So go for it . Def get the 25 , thats the one i recently got i used to have the 30 and i ended up selling it for the 25 and im 5'2. Good luck hope this helps.
  4. Happens to everyone that enters here......you think if I could just have this LV bag, then I'll be happy. lol, at least you've waited about a month. I think you should get the azur 25--would be nice for spring/summer.
  5. I think an azur 25 would be nice for spring/summer. I know whenever I'm trying to choose between two bags, it's very tempting to just get both! So if you can afford both and would use both, then go for it!
  6. Go get it!!! Booga's right. Your DH will eventually get over it. I have the Azur Speedy 30 (I'm 5'2") and I absolutely love it. Here are some pics so you can see what fits in a 30:
    AzurSpeedy 031.JPG AzurSpeedy 036.JPG AzurSpeedy 017.JPG
  7. ITA, me too, I plan on getting the Azur in 25 soon for summer! Its normal to obsess over it, I obsess over it allll day long lol!:shame::jammin:

  8. ooo.. i really like your purse shaper thingie... where did you get it? i'm also lusting after an azur speedy... but like the poster i'm not sure which size to get (lol i'm also 5'1''). but i don't carry that much around so i'll probably get the 25 cuz it looks very cute. if you carry a ton then get the 30... and you'd get much more room for a tiny price difference.
  9. ^^ I got it at chameleoninserts.com and they also have a smaller one that will fit in the Speedy 25!
  10. ^^ ooohh.. do you have modelling pics of your speedy?

  11. I totally need one of these.... my speedy is so cluttered!!!
  12. Azur Speedy 30
  13. Go for Azur! I have the 30 and absolutely love it!

  14. What size did you get for your speedy 30 and is it the stiff one? That looks really neat.
  15. I actually carried my azur speedy 30 yesterday for the first time in a while and it was really fun! I have recently started liking the sag so I took the cardboard piece I made out of the bottom and just let it hang! I say go for it, it's a great summer bag.