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  1. No one wants to see Beyonce :roflmfao:
  2. Yeah, I'm all set with that, too. I can't let any more shows into my rotation!
  3. :confused1: This is about a movie where Beyonce plays a married woman whos husband has an affair with someone at his office and the woman turns out to be crazy.

    I saw another trailer for this at the movies and it looks like its gonna be pretty good.
  4. Its coming out this week, who's going to see it?
  5. I might see it with my GFs. I :heart: Ali Larter.
  6. im gonna go see it, it looks interested and Idris Elba is lovely to look at :love:
  7. I really want to see this. I love Ali Larter, and the guy who plays the lead Idris Elba is HOT! He's on the Office right now and I hate his character, but he looks delicious in this movie!
  8. I'm going to see it. It actually looks like Beyonce has improved her acting skills lol
  9. I saw an advanced screening of this last week. It was a pretty good movie. Beyonce kind of stepped out of her comfort zone on this one. I was pleasantly surprised. :tup:

    I have a major crush on Idris :heart:[​IMG]
  10. I hope I get to see it this weekend!
  11. I want to see it but I don't want to see Beyonce in it. She works my nerves. I'm sure I'll see it anyway and somehow try to fight the urge to roll my eyes every time she opens her mouth. The story line looks good.
  12. Me and a gf are going to see this.. cant wait. It looks so good!
  13. Obsessed vs. Jazz Fest

  14. ^^^Both! But I really liked how B was kicking butt, talking sassy haha I like this different side of her. Probably go see it with the girlfriends!