Obsession With the Quilted MAB With studs - HELP!

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  1. Hello ladies, a recent obsession of mine has taken over my life. I saw a picture of a MAB that was quilted and had studs. It was beautiful. Needless to say, I've been trying to trying to track it down without much luck. Would anyone be able to share some insight as to how long ago this version was made? And if they can still be found anywhere? Any help would be so appreciated! Thanks so much!
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    RM has released a bunch of quilted MABs/ MAMs with studs. which particular one are you referring to?

    this one (see photo below)? it's produced in 2012. i just checked and saw a red one on the Bay now.

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  3. That is exactly the beautiful bag I am searching for! I'm hoping to find it from a retailer of some sort to ensure authenticity and be able to have a warranty if possible. Have you seem it anywhere besides eBay by chance? Thank you so much for your help!
  4. it's a seasonal style so i don't think RM will bring it back to the production. in other words eBay/ Bonanza is probably the place it will pop up. or you can try those flash sales offered by MyHabit, HauteLook, Gilt etc. and maybe try the sample sales, i think the Spring one is coming soon. are you located in the States?

    i have not really seen a solid fake RM bag on eBay so far. but i understand your concerns. good luck! ;)
  5. Thank you so much for your input! I will look into those websites and see what I can find. It's too bad RM doesn't reproduce bags or colors that were extremely popular. Seems a shame that this MAM won't be around anymore.