Obsession..I need help!!

  1. I think I am starting to become obsessed..but in a good way:yes:

    I am so excited to finally be getting my first LV speedy this Tuesday that it seems to be consuming my mind! I keep reminding everyone on Myspace, my family, friends that I am gonna get it this upcoming week and they are starting to look at me like, i know... I am always on the forum (I'm a stay at home mom who has ALOT of babysitting and also I do my schooling online so I just pretend i'm doing "schoolwork" :P when half the time I'm checking out the pictures people have of their bags here..

    does anyone else seem to have this obsession like me or am I crazy?! :smile:
  2. you are definitely not alone! i am on the purseforum all the time. it does things to you...... :P
  3. oh, I so do too!
  4. I have a major obsession. I have been counting down the days until my anniversary because I had a suspicion I was getting a Speedy! It's all I could think about!!
  5. When I had the summer off from school, I spent way too much time obsessing over purses and such.

    I hate to tell you this, but once you get your speedy, the obsession doesn't end; it gets worse!
  6. That's not good news The Storks...At least not for DH.
  7. I am already starting to plan for my second purchase..I can only imagine how bad it's gonna get... :smile:
  8. You are not alone lolll,my mom cant stand it anymore,she tells me"its always louis vuitton this,louis vuitton that".But at least its a very healthy obsession..for now at least lol
  9. It's been getting really bad for me; you're not alone. I'm trying to stave off eBay because I want to buy a Louis Vuitton from a boutique...but the deals seem so good! It's driving me nuts!
  10. You are not alone...and you are in perfect company here!
  11. Lv is a wonderful obsession, I'd spend ALL day on here if it wasn't for that annoying little thing called work which provides the money for me to fund the LV obsession.:lol:
  12. I'm definitely a little obsessed too, but hey, this is the place for those that don't want to ever get better ! :graucho:
  13. You are not alone...here I am.....:yahoo:

    Cant go to sleep well....just ordered a large bucket and cannot stand the wait...you should of seen me b/f I placed the order....its a problem...but one I am determined to keep!;)
  14. You are definately not alone.. I'm going to have to start 'weaning' myself off tPF!!
  15. Nope, sweetie! I am the same way:smile: