Obsessing over Zuccas

  1. After seeing everyone's pictures of their zuccas I've been obsessing over them...going to bed thinking about them and waking up thinking about them. I've called all the outlets but nothing much in zuccas ourside of the AS print. I really want one in Pirata or Inferno but I'm thinking my chances of getting one even at retail is impossible at the moment. Does anyone think that if the prints are re-released next year I might have a shot at getting one or should I just suck it up and buy one off eBay?
  2. I don't think that Adios Star will be re-released. I don't think it was that popular; I know that when SH got their shipment they had a lot of the popular bags like Mamma Mia and Zucca that normally sell out completely. But, there's a lot of AS on eBay and other sites, so you just have to be vigilant about searching. I've seen a couple go up in the past few days.
  3. I :love: Zuccas too... I thought just Foresta was being re-released but there'll be more? :huh:ooh which one? :drool:..
  4. inferno zuccas are really sought after... when on eBay they go for like 100 more than retail >.<;

    HOWEVER, pirata zuccas often go for retail on ebay... sometimes less i think. just be patient and keep an eye out!

    as for re-release... i heard only foresta is going to be reprinted... but made available in Hawaii only? so iono o.o;
  5. i think more than just foresta is supposed to be released... well i live in hawaii, and when i went to LeSportsac the other week they were "taking a poll" of which prints should come back...
  6. Oh well that's cool if they bring stuff back by popular demand...I hope!!

    Man I was thinking once they stop making Tokidoki bags I can sort of stop obsessing about buying them. Gosh...this whole bag thing has me in a tizzy. I'm usually the type to use the same bag for a long time...but now and these Tokidoki bags I have to plan to switch bags now. Never did that before and man it's something to get used to. :smile:
  7. I really hope Citta and Citta Rosa will be on that list :love:
  8. is it true rereleases are only in hawaii :sad: boohoo. i want them to rerelease inferno... but if they do i'll kinda feel bad because i paid over retail for most of mine lol
  9. ^^ Ditto... And Tan Playground.. :yes: But def. Citta and Citta Rosa. :drool:
  10. I used to be Zucca :nuts: too. I've since calmed down about them and sold a several of my Zuccas. Now I seem to be Ciao :wacko:. But at least Ciaos are cheaper *lol*

    Anyway, I doubt Adios Star or Pirata will be re-released, so I would suggest looking on auction & other trading/sales sites for them if you really want them.

    Inferno *might* get re-released, but I don't know because up until early summer, the outlets had tons of Inferno. And then they got wildly popular all of sudden.:shrugs: I think the only print that has been confirmed for re-release is Foresta and it sounds like only in Hawaii. So, not sure how much help the re-release is going to be for the majority of us who do not live in Hawaii. We'll still be paying jacked up eBay prices even higher than the HI retail prices.

    I say if you see what you want and you can justify & afford the price, get it now, rather than holding out and them not re-releasing it.
  11. i saw a pirata zucca at Nordstrom's yesterday, the SA told me they just got it in, so i'm sure you will be able to track one down.
  12. Oh REALLY? Which Nordies, LOL?
  13. The metro park at the Ivine Spectrum had an Pirata Zucca the last time I was there. They even had a fam. denaro. Poor little thing, it's the only denaro they have and it's all alone on the hook. It's been there for months.
  14. I love Zuccas...but why does it always have those creasing in the handle, i can't stand it, it's weird cause that handle doesn't even bend in that area.
  15. escondido at the the north county fair mall.