OBSESSING over the RM Matinee in dk grey..can't find it!!

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  1. I discovered RM a couple of months ago, and I have been obsessing ever since. I am in LOVE with the Matinee bag in dark grey....just can't find it anywhere! I have been tempted to by other bags, but I am really trying to hold out until I find the matinee in grey. If anyone knows where to find one or comes across one, please let me know. Thanks~~
  2. Welcome leighpurse! So many of us here are lusting after a particular bag that's no longer available in-stores or online, so we feel your pain. Best recommendation is to keep checking eB@y, plus we'll keep an eye out for you. Being patient is hard but is well worth it! Good luck!
  3. I am tirelessly hunting for wine and navy MAM, so I also feel your pain! If I happen on what your looking for I will PM you right away.
  4. Thanks! I am learning how to be a stalker on eBay. I am hoping that the long, difficult wait for the bag will make it that much sweeter when I finally find one.:girlsigh:
  5. i think its now back up on the RM site, at least thats what I am seeing...Grey Matinee...AND LOTS OF NEW STYLES AND COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Grab it while you can! Even though it is at full price, once its gone its gone forever!! Email them and tell them you are a TPF member to see if they will give you a discount. They had a discount for TPF members a while ago. Don't know if they will give you one but it can't hurt! Best of luck! :tup:
  7. ^Now thats what I call an enabler! LMFAO, and a good one at that! Werrrrrkkkkk it!!!!!!
  8. Looks like there are 7 grey matinees left! I'm sure they'll go fast! Let us know if she's willing to give tpfers a discout.
  9. Thanks! So tempting. Just wish it was on sale. I will e-mail them now to see if I can get a discount. Will let you guys know! OHhhhhh...... I hope I can get a discount!!!!!
  10. bad news!!! unfortunately they dont offer any kind of discounts for tpf members.
  11. Oh no. Well, I e-mailed them, and I am waiting on a response. MAYBE...if enough of us request a discount, they will give us one:thinking:
  12. I got a response from them, no luck. They are not offering any discounts right now. Don't know what to do. My wallet would hurt so bad if I paid full price:crybaby:
  13. Hi,Leighpurse,I have been obsessing over the dark gray Matinee for some time now,I didn't think I was ever going to get it so I purchased the dark gray MAB,I was thrilled to see they now have more dark gray Matinee's, I feel like my pray was answered:yahoo:so I just ordered one,I might sell my MAB on E-Bay,let your wallet hurt a little if you can you well be so happy with the Matinee (is it crazy to have two dark gray bags?)