Obsessing over the condition of your bag! A long confession

  1. Ok, I'm so guilty of this it isn't funny.

    I fret over getting a light color bag for fear of stains. I hate when the piping on dark bags fade from normal wear and tear or the corners of lighter bags get a little dark. In the past I've cleaned one or two beautifully colored purses with Coach cleaner until I faded the color myself....

    I want to enjoy my purses and wear them, while taking good care of them, not pitch a hissy over every little mark over regular wear. Pens happen, lotion happens...I have a beautiful electric blue satin hobo that I've never worn cause I'm scared. I was going through my collection and I touched it after moisturizing my hands and there was a little stain and I almost fainted...sigh.

    I'm going to be careful, but not obsess and think of it as character added to my bag these little things.
  2. I'm a bad purse person! :lol: I threw mine on the floor the other day when I came in the house because I was so exhausted. My mom walked through saying, "WHAT IS YOUR PURSE DOING ON THE FLOOR?" I just :shrugs: at her like, "Oh well!" It's now sitting on a chair.
  3. I'm the same way. When I carry a bag, depending on the material and what color it is, I constantly check it throughout the day to make sure I haven't gotten anything on it.
    If it's a black or brown purse I don't do it as much.
    My goal is to get into a similar mindset that those 'incidents' add character to the bag.
  4. I actually have started keeping my parchment Carly in the dustbag during the day when I'm at work and I will only take it out after I've washed my hands b/c 9 times out of 10, I'm coated in whiteboard markers! I'm INSANE about stuff on my bags, but have tried to start accepting the fact that dirt (and s***) happens!
  5. i think of my "mishaps" with my purses as adding character to my bags. I think of it as distinguishable uniqueness. So if it somebody stole it, i'd be able to say "there's a mark...right there". that's how i know it's mine. hehe i'm weird, but yeah, i've thought of that situation before.

    but, i sometimes opt out on buying a bag b/c it's not going to be suitable for using. And rarely i've bought a bag just to have it laying around. I mean, i fear to use a few bags and that's normal, but i still let them see the light of day sometimes.

    You're fine and many people fear using their bags in fear of getting them ruined. You have a lot of people in the same shoes as you do. :smile:
  6. Let me know how that goes for you. ;) I am a perfectionist and sometimes think that I have minor OCD issues, especially when it comes to my purses. I freak out when I do something stupid and cause harm to one of my bags.
  7. I tend to be somewhat like you iggystar. I am very careful with my bags and get upset if something gets on them which is very very rare! But at the same time, I do use them and I do enjoy them I am just careful of where I sit them down. Never in the kitchen because something could get spilled or splashed on them (I have three teenagers). I am very picky with them but not anal. I guess I figure if I obsess too much I am not enjoying them and if I dont enjoy them there is no point having them.
  8. I constantly check my bag all day too. I'm fussy about where I set it down, how I carry it, how I touch it! LOL! But I'm trying to get better about it. I think it's because for me this is a lot of money to pay for a bag and I want it to last plus I want it to look nice if I want to resell it later. Gone, I think sadly, are the days when I carried a bag until it was falling apart! I wish I could carry a bag until it was just well loved and worn in and not care if it was a little dirty! Hopefully, I can change and be me old self!
  9. I will. As I was going through my collection, taking pictures and the like, I was cleaning each bag and this little, itty, bitty pen mark became apparent to me on my beige pebble leather bag (near the strap where you can clean it with cleaner). I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and was a little upset and then said to myself..."let it go..." But I had to say it to myself you know? I see imperfections on other peoples bag and it's not like the bag is any less a great bag, so I need to change my attitude so I can have more Coach fun! Especially with my new camel daypack.

    How about the fact that there was a nice white Soho bag at the outlet for about $89 that I put back for fear of it getting dirty! :cursing:
  10. I actually fret more about the inside of bags. I double check all pens have the caps securely on before it goes into the bag. Unfortunately there is a lovely blue pen mark on the front of my brown Soho flap that I can't get off :oh: , so I try to be more careful now. Maybe that's why my last two bags are black! ALthough, I did spill coffee on my black tote in the car once! eek! I nearly had a heart attack. The leather cleaner didn't get it all off and it's still a bit noticeable. I must admit, sometimes I do set my bag on the living room floor instead of a table or chair.
  11. I'm awful about it, I'll sell a bag I bought full price on eBay if there is any kind of flaw in the first month of owning it. I can't wear it. Right now I just JUST got a white Ali and there's a spot on the lower from thats a slight discoloration, yo can't notice it at ALL unless you look, it makes me ill to look at it so I just sold it on eBay for real cheap. Augh it's very frustrating sometimes. But if I've had the bag for long enough I don't fret as much! I don't get it.
  12. Here is a little saying I sometimes run through my head over and over when I start feeling like things just aren't "perfect" enough:

    "The true enemy of good is perfect."

    Think about that for a little bit... :yes:
  13. I don't freak out over the little things... but just the other day, I was at my cousin's son's birthday party (he turned 2) => LOTS of little kids running around with pizza, cokes, candy, cake, and DIRTY HANDS! - And, I managed to keep my bag clean throughout the entire party! GO ME! :yahoo: BUT, once I got home, I went to put some left over cake away and I accidentally dabbed my (canvas, sig in khaki) bag up against the BLUE AND WHITE frosting of the cake... :wtf: I just about had a MASSIVE COW cuz I was afraid the frosting was going to stain the material. I wiped it off right away with some warm water and then patted it dry and everything is okay now. I just LITERALLY felt my heart sank... lol...

    Just thought I'd share my story...

  14. I used to be a member of Bag Borrow or Steal, the website where you sign up for a membership and borrow bags for however long you like without having to buy them. I only did it for a month before I realized that I hated having to part with the bags. But one time I borrowed this beautiful camel colored Treesje Lexington bag that was worth like...600 bucks, took my sister shopping at the mall and put it on top of the counter to pay. Next thing I know, the whole back and underside of the bag is stained this odd green color. I swear, it touched the counter for like five seconds. I didn't take insurance out on the bag either so I walked on egg shells for the rest of the week thinking how much I'd owe the company for staining the gorgeous bag. Luckily they never caught me for it, but I was still really upset that such a lovely bag had green marks all over it!!!