obsessing over poche 26..for diaper bag?

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  1. I am VERY close to ordering the poche 26..I thought it would be so cute to have in my diaper bag and use as a clutch for running in and out of places with keys, phone, wipes and maybe a diaper. I have a kate spade basic black diaper bag..any thoughts..I just might need to be pushed a LITTLE more it order it..I have been having dreams about it the past 2 nights..kind of scary! Thanks!!
  2. ^I am planning on buying a poche toilette 26 on Thursday...I am really tall, so it won't look silly as a clutch. If you are very short/petite, I would maybe get the 19:smile:

    Either way, it will be super cute for you to use in your diaper bag!!
  3. Hi
    Just wondering if you got your poche! How exciting! Let me know how you like it!