obsessing over grey or beige- help please

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  1. Hi dear ladies of tPF~

    Can I ask your opinion?
    I sooo want a beige (or beige clair - ??) caviar flap. (Prob. jumbo).
    Love this color. I do have a large ysl purse in beige but love the caviar classic flap with GHW, and think I could get pretty good use out of it.

    My dilemma: the $!

    HOWEVER, I never have worn my new grey bag yet (still "breaking in" the other new ones lol)... haven't cut the tag off. i think it's still returnable to NM even after a few weeks. -It is also a jumbo caviar flap.- The SA said I'd never find one like this for a very long time. I did like the color when I was buying it, but I'm in love with beige too. Not sure how much use I'd get from the grey, as it is a light shade, but I'd def. try to use it.

    Should I keep it, and save for the beige for next year or something? Can't spend any more $ for quite a while.
    Or exchange the grey, even though it's unique, and possibly regret it?

    Thanks for reading. I think I'm kinda looping about this but I would like to
    be happy with what I decide.
    Your input is welcome.
  2. P.S. I already have a black, brown and green one so it won't be the only flap.
  3. is it the 09A grey you have?
  4. well, it's the 09P.

    Yeah, the one people were dissing :sad: lol just kidding
    But seriously, I say that cause people were saying its too light, etc etc

    It's not 09A but I think they are very similar? Do you know?
    People said it had a greenish tint - the 09A.

    When I first saw it it took my breath away... so light and misty.
    I do like the material - its a washed cav. - a lot of people here have said they didnt like that but I do like it. Not real squishy or anything.
  5. tricky one since both colours are, in my view, pretty classic. why don't you go through your wardrobe and see which bag goes better with what you already have? Then go for the one that you'd actually use. No point just keeping something in a box. Just from the fact that you've not used it in a few weeks, maybe you're not that crazy about it......
  6. Photo please?
  7. hmmm I know which grey you are talking about...... I love it! and I happen to lovvvvvvve washed caviar!! soooo I say keep they grey, butt you should follow your heart and if your heart says beige, beige it is!
  8. hmmm lemmee see if I know how to use a camera lol
    never tried this

    dont hold your breath though - I won't be able to post a pic right away :sad:

    btw thanks Mojo
  9. thx NYCavalier! I am starting to get to know you! I did know you love washed cav.!
    I actually do too. Its cool. Different too.

    I saw your new find - mmmm very nice- the pic of the ivory maxi soft cav.
    Love it. I am jealous! In a good way of course.

    If I end up keeping the grey (undecided fool here) I'll get a beige down the line. Just don't want to be wasteful.
  10. ok, considering your must-only-have-1 dilemma, i would get the beige GHW. its more of a different color, look and feel - oh so fresh & elegant! whereas, for me, gray functions similarly as black. so that should fill the gray void for now.
  11. grey and beige they both very neutral colors. you can't go wrong with either one..
    i like the grey you have. i think i know that one. and washed caviar is pretty too.. you should keep it.
    the beige, if you talking about the claire, that is permanent collection. you can get it anytime you want. and whenever you ready!!
    there are some beige too, like dark beige, taupe, the beige with hint of pink, i saw those at NM before, they are seasonal. but all pretty. ( in their own ways).
    if you talking about beige claire, you should keep your grey and buy the beige claire later.. so you will have both grey and beige in your collection.. ;)
  12. I have a grey Chanel, and personally i LOVE it, it can go with so much and really make an outfit pop and stand out!

    I would choose grey over beige, especially since grey caviar is pretty rare, you can always find the beige i think
  13. thank you mojo, jbbee, nycavalier, purse-nality, minnie and MrsM!!

    Great advice!!
    I haven't thought about those things. I appreciate your support and your time replying.
    I like the idea of beige being a different purpose ("fresh and elegant", mm)

    So maybe I should keep the grey, and definitely plan to get the beige in the future (the classic beige, so yes, it's available in the future), so as to have both.
    Guess my only problem will be patience lol.

    I could start using the grey and enjoy the heck out of it, all the while saving (and checking ebay lol) for the beige, and attemping to have patience. :smile:

    Maybe throughout the year I'll find things to sell to fund it... or get sick of some other bag and sell that, or just save up.

    Thanks for the ideas, this forum is so nice
  14. grey
  15. Grey, Grey, Grey, grey, grey, grey.......Cool and modern!
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