Obsessing again .... oh NO

  1. Well, we're two weekends away from the NY lunchathon shopping thingie and I am obsessing over the fade patent bags. Am also obsessing over the new clothes.

    This is not good. It could be a very expensive brunch :sad:

    So, here's my question -- would you buy one of the fade bags (at about 2200 from what I can see online) or put the $$ into one of the shimmery suity things they're showing for fall? I'm a big believer in jackets -- that was my love before falling into the purse thang.

    Then again, I'm thinking sales in November may easily offer lots of these items as they're pretty individual and may not sell in a big way.

    BTW -- great NYTimes review today of the revamped MiuMiu store in SoHo. It sounds like the new Miu sizing may be a little more American -- a 38 might actually really be a 4 this time instead of a tight 2. That could be nice psychologically, no??
  2. No contest: the bag.

    You can't gain or lose weight making it impossible to use a handbag.
    It doesn't require a dry cleaner's visit after every use.
    You can put all your life's necessities in it.
    It will last for years versus being outdated in 6 months.
    You can use it 365 days per year.

    Enough reasons? :graucho:
  3. I agree...of course, if I could fit into a 4, I might feel differently. Not in this lifetime! :shrugs:
  4. ohh pleeease buy a fade bag! The suit can wait! hehehe :p
  5. I agree with the others just buy the bag...in few months you will be able to find a suit you will like...Prada Psycho's reasons are unarguable..%110 correct
    believe me you won't regret it..you will see with the attention you will get everytime you use it
  6. Get the bag of course!!!!
  7. OK...dont shoot me....LOL
    I would normally say that bag.....BUT I find this style WAY too trendy..Meaning I think 2000 is ALOT to pay for something that will be out of style next season.Id rather invest it in a LEATHER(not 2 tone patent!)bag that can be used over and over again...KWIM?
    Normally I despise patent too..BUT this year I really love it....so this is hard for me to say.hehe!
  8. I agree with Jill. I'm not feeling Prada's "fade" patent bags. I don't think they're worth the price. I'd put the money toward another bag instead.

    (Note: I DO like patent bags. I've got the Jimmy Choo Ramona and YSL Downtown in patent.)
  9. I guess I should clarify a bit. I wouldn't spend 2K on that specific bag either, but given the two choices of that handbag or clothing, I'd take the handbag. Adding to my list:

    You can sell a nice handbag for more money easier than you can sell used, last season's clothing.
  10. you are right..maybe you could think on which model,but still handbag is a better investment
  11. Really interesting responses !! Thanks everyone.

    Bis -- I'm not a 4 -- that was the example in the MiuMiu article. But I've always hated Prada sizing -- their 40 is more like a 4 and it should be a 6 but I digress. 6 - 8 here :smile: I'm thinking Jill is a 4 -- or maybe a 2. Those were the days !!

    Trendy has never frightened me -- if it has a signature quality and is well made -- I think some of the Prada "trend" pieces hold up well, more like collectables -- but I *did* buy a fringe bag which goes against almost all tPF wisdom. So maybe I'm just goofie ;-P

    The real question is, accompanied by accomplished tPF enablers -- what will I buy, what will I return?? Actually, the more interesting question will be what will Jill buy ---- hehehehehehe. I may just enjoy watching !!
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao: ITA! Those are great reasons!!

  13. ITA with this and PP's earlier post.

    Oh and size 4? Umm I think that was me in 8th grade for about an hour, LOL :smile:.

    I LOVE those bags!!!

  14. NO, you are not goofie!! I am in the "fringe" club with you and am thrilled with our decision to purchase!
    And on the purchase note ---- I say wait, WAIT! The fade bags are beautiful and WILL be discounted in a few months - proof is in my latest purchases - patchwork bowler and the much loved fringe! Both discounted greatly!
    Oh and YES Handbag over the suit -- LOL!
  15. If you want it now, i vote for the handbag. I think you'll have an easier time finding the jacket later (which is so cute!)