Obsessed with Tory Burch Britten small slouchy tote, should I sell my LV Neverfull to get it?

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  1. Hi Everyone, please help! I am oohing and aahing. I've had my LV Neverfull MM for three years and absolutely love it. But recently I have found a preference for smaller bags and soft leather over canvas. I am currently obsessing over the Tory Burch Britten small slouchy tote but it is one of the bags not included in the Tory Burch sale and my budget does not stretch to buying it full price. So my choice is to sell the Neverfull and get the Britten or hold fire and wait till the end of the year to see if the Britten goes into the sale. I am in the UK so there are not so many places that stock the Britten here and I am a highly impatient individual ha ha. Any advise and opinions?!
  2. I would definitely wait-Tory Burch always goes on sale eventually and LV never does, so it would be hard to replace your Neverfull if you want to in the future.
  3. I would keep the Neverfull. No question about it. Tory Burch bags are not cheap though they are Made in China!
  4. That's true. Fingers crossed it will go in the sale and I can wait that long!;) Thanks so much or your input!
  5. LV prices increase every few months so if you want to replace the Neverfull, you will have to pay even more money to buy a new one. The Neverfull is infinitely better anyway, it's beautifully crafted, long-lasting, water-resistant, durable and can carry lots of stuff (unless you have the PM size, then it's a different story).

    TB Britta is pretty but nowhere near as classic as the LV. Like MoreJunkNy said, definitely wait for a sale. I don't think it's worth the $475 price tag right now. For that much I rather spend it on LV. ;) Good luck with your decision!!
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  6. I'm not familiar with that bag but I just looked at it and it's really pretty. I wouldn't sell an LV to fund a Tory Burch though. That bag will be on sale eventually and I'd just wait until then.
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  7. Good points, thanks both! In the meantime I ha e decided to hold on to my Neverfull but have gone ahead and purchased a TB Perry Tote in the sale. At least it will give me a chance to try out TB and see what her quality is like! If I like it, I can try the Britten perhaps in the next sale.
  8. Congratulations! I hope you love it!
  9. Thank you so much!x