Obsessed with the Silvana!

  1. Does anyone have one yet? I love almost every color block combination as well as the more toned-down colors!

    Does it seem like a bag that could be used everyday or just more formally?

    I've never owned a Fendi, but there are about 4 different styles this season that I'm crazy about!

    love the two-toned Pequin Canvas Striped tote too!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. very tempted to get one myself....

    love the shape and colour combination
  4. I have seen about FOURTEEN different colorways so far. Karl has done it again, the Silvana will definitely be a hit. Love the simple elegance of it.
  5. I love the green one ..... I guess i am a sucker for green :p
  6. WOW!!:love::heart::love:
  7. Me too!! :p
  8. I love the Silvana too!
  9. I am also thinking about buying the Silvana. I prefer the all black colour, but I think that the multicolored are pretty as well. I love that it has both gold and silver hardwear, makes it easy to combine. I am just worried that it might be too small to use as a day bag, since I am used to carrying bigger bags.
  10. The silvana is definitely gorgeous. Not an everyday and go-to bag but it fits almost any outfit that's neat and organized with a vintage touch. And they sell like crazy. But let me tell you something. I had put one on my list to buy and was very close to swipe my card. until my SA at fendi told me that the leather that was used this season was not really good and they scratch pretty easily. I was persuaded to wait a couple more seasons for a better version, even though I absolutely loved the black-brown leather/selleria version.
  11. love...
  12. I was in Rome last week and visited the Fendi store. There were a couple of multicolor Silvana bags on display and I played with them. They were really pretty and I actually liked the size, it was not too small. They were surprisingly heavy and I think that the smooth leather that is on the flap will scratch easily, but those things do not bother me that much.

    I was not sure about the longer handle though, I wish it would attach to the sides of the bag instead of the top handle. If the longer handle would attach differently I might be tempted to even pay full price for the bag, but now I think I will wait and see if it will be discounted when the sales start.
  13. Bluefly has 4, 5 versions available, including the green/black/tan one....I'm so tempted, but really not a fan of the leather they use on the top flap, scratch-easy bags just don't last with me as a busy working mom.
  14. I am thinking of buying fendi silvana for myself...but i m worried the leather on the flap will scratch easily ..but can't resist its chic and timeless design...:smile:
  15. I agree, been highly considering one myself.