Obsessed with the Kristin sage now!!! AGGH

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  1. Saw a pic on Pinterest in turquoise and I love this style!! figures it is d/c.I didn't see any color I wanted on EBay.If anyone spots them,pleeeeeez let me know!!
  2. Which one are you referring to?
  3. That one is really hard to find. You'll probably pay a pretty penny for it on eBay. Good luck!!
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393189248.527018.jpg

    This is the one I'm thinking of
  5. The last time I saw this on eBay, it went for close to $1000! Not in good shape, either. Good luck!
  6. The color is jade. I think that was the only bright color that the Sage came in.
  7. At the time this went to the outlets, (over a year ago, if not more) I had one in my hands at the store. I couldn't believe it because people were going crazy for them and it showed up at my outlet (they got 1). There was a damaged, scratched spot in the leather though. I didn't get it. It appeared the leather was very delicate. If you buy one second hand be careful and know it is a delicate bag.
  8. I had that bag and sold it one eBay last summer, never used it because I was afraid if the leather scratching and it was heavy! Good luck mine ended up selling for over $800 because two people got in a bidding war.
  9. I actually saw one of these IRL at a retirement event recently. As my husband always says... "It looks good from afar but far from good up close". The leather had a lot of rough patches where the color had either rubbed off or was scratched. I would guess that this is inherent with the type of leather that was used. It must've been amazing when she first bought it though.