obsessed with the boxes....

  1. So with my husband gone for two weeks, I go into my normal obsessive compulsive mode.

    First - I label all of my Hermes goodies with my Brother labelmaker(with the labels in the exact same place on each box of course).

    Then I catelog all of my purchases in a journal with columns for where I bought it, what it is, how much it cost, name if applicable, and shipping. There is a special place in the journal for recording the phone charges when calling around to different Hermes locations.

    Then (and this is the crazy bit) I go and buy wee little envelopes to put my ribbons in with the name of the item it belongs with on the outside of the envelope. These then go in their own organizer.

    Sometime during this weekend I bought 4 pochettes, a special box for a cotton scarf I won (because it is cotton and therefore different, the box must be different and boy was it different - $40 different!!!), and am currently waiting for a call from my SA about 2 more pochettes and 2 scarf rings. That does not include the plisse and pochette I lost out on on eBay.

    I am not certain as to my life expectancy. My husband will more than likely return only to kill me. I am supposed to be limiting my accumulating and spending because of an impending cross country move.


    I did read and appreciate the thread about slowing down and appreciating what I already own. But what about the ones I don't own yet? I need to appreciate them as well. They are waiting for me.


  2. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    It's those preggie hormones......you WILL be ok ,again ,soon....

    preggie, as in, expecting your new H purchases....
  3. Het, just looking at your post again...:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Seriously, off to H ER.....
  4. I NEVER said I was sane.
  5. I roll the ribbon up and throw it, along with the receipt into the box and stack the boxes. That's it.
  6. Het, DH has been away for two weeks, ahem.......
  7. Rose- DH has been away 4 days. I am worried about the damage that can be wrought over 10 more days.

    HG- I won't even tell you what I do with the receipts (file them) and all other paperwork.
  8. Which pochettes did you get during the weekend? I am expecting a plisse in the morning (I spied a plisse box in DH wardrobe:yahoo: ).
  9. hetj93, so you are expecting--is this your first? Congratulations! Organize, file and label now, while you can, to your heart's content; life is about to change...:heart:
  10. Oh, HET... This is adorable!

    I particularly giggled when you pointed out the "crazy" part as related to envelopes... cuz I was getting a kick out of the 'phone charges' portion of your journal!! ;)
  11. NO! I have confused everyone!! Het is expecting pochette boxes....plays havoc with ones hormones....
  12. Oh, pochette boxes, not babies...smart girl, no hurry!
  13. Mizzle- definitely NOT pregnant.

    Ms. Twilly- yeah THAT is a little OCD.

    Rose- let's see (easy reference, already journaled)
    Pierres d'Orient et d'Occident in black
    Regina in green
    Bolduc in red
    Folies du Ciel in gold
    working on Fleurs et Plumes 1 in green and 1 in white as soon as I hear from Rheanne
  14. Wow, what a great collection! I think it's time to start a 'pic's only' pochette thread! What do you think? Pic of pochette, designer, year.

  15. EEEEEEEEEEEE....YES!:nuts: :yahoo: :wlae: