Obsessed with the Alti, question!

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  1. I LOVE the look of the Alti pumps. I know there is a 140mm and 160mm.
    Is there such thing as a 120mm for the Alti?
    Thanks ladies! :biggrin:
  2. the alti is based on the declic toe box i believe, and there is the declic 120.
  3. Alti's toebox is narrower and shorter (trust me, I know from FIRST TOE/FOOT experience!! :wtf:).

    They are very similar though so the Declic is definitely a great less painful option! I did some comparison photos recently of the toebox where you can see the diff. Alti vs Declic

    HOLLY, keep in mind that Alti 140 and Declic 120 will "feel" similar since they both have a 100 pitch, unlike Alti 160 which is 120 pitch (ouchies).
  4. In your comparisons it seems like you are comparing the Alti 160 to the Declic 120. I believe the Declic 140 has the same toe box as the Alti 160, and the Declic 140 was definitely more narrow than the Declic 120. I would assume the toe box of the Alti 140 is more similar to that of the Declic 120.
  5. Yes you're right, it is 120 vs 160! I had the Declic 140 until a couple of weeks ago and it definitely still seemed wider (read: more comfortable) than the Alti.

    Damn, I should have used the 140 before they went to a better place... Ah well, hopefully will get a chance to one day. :amuse: