Obsessed with SUNGLASSES

  1. I just got these two this morning...
    I love these purple frame pink tinted lenses- I already have in clear..
    and could not resist letting these Swavarski Crystals in black get away..
    I used someone elses image for the SC ones' they are in brown.. I got them in black !!!
    black.jpg black2.jpg 4128i have these.jpg
  2. Cute!!!!!!!
  3. Gorgeous glasses!
  4. Ooh I loved those ones but I couldn't get myself to spend the money for them lol (the Swarovski ones). They're so gorgeous though-congrats!!
  5. Love them!!! I know how it is...I can't bring myself to count the pairs of sunglasses I have...It's awful..and I keep buying more!!! Hmmm....don't have these though.....Lucky girl!!! Enjoy!!! :heart: Emmy
  6. I know right $620.00 plus tax.. But I got a GREAT DISCOUNT and if I told you how much, you'd be shocked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I could not resist them--- I am going to VEGAS next weekend and they are for the CAUSE !!!!!! I will post pics of me wearing them soon..
    and by the way-- I LOVE THEM... THEY LOOK SEXY ON !!!!
  7. THANKS !!!!:sweatdrop:
  8. GREAT GLASSES !:yes:

    I LOVE Chanel's sunglasses too !!!:love: I have 5 pairs of the 5076H's + others:shame:

    I teach a lot of water aerobics so I am outside A LOT.....I REALLY want the white ones with the Camelias on them. I know lots of people don't like them but I do:smile:
  9. I'm a sunglasses nut myself... I have 8 pairs of Chanel sunnies... I'm not buying anymore for a long time haha (let's hope)! :smile: Yours are too cute!!

  10. Ohh I love those!!!
  11. Super cute shades.

  12. Ooh that's even better then!! Lucky you!! :yahoo:
  13. Congratulations on getting the Swarovski Chanels! I tried them on a few weeks ago, but they looked awful on me. I just don't have the face shape for them!
  14. Haha I only have 6 pairs.
    And don't feel bad, I like the Camelia ones also!
  15. Yeah, I tried those on last weekend but didn't want to spend $600+ on them.

    They are gorgeous though! Congrats! Enjoy them!;)