Obsessed with Minkoff!!!

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397517244.584055.jpg

    My Rebecca Minkoff handbag collection within a very short period (less than a year).

    Mini affairs (black and white)
    Affair (woven pink / brown)
    Mini MAC bronze
    Mini 5-zip nude
    MAC hunter green
    Mini MAB azure
    Mini MAB elephant
    MAB grape
    MAB navy
    Cupid denim
    Cupid fern

  2. gorgeous! would love to see close ups! I don't own any but def have been looking
  3. So beautiful!! Awesome collection
  4. Nice collection!
  5. Beautiful collection! Great variety.
  6. beautiful :heart:
  7. Wow! In less than a year? I wish haha ;) Beautiful collection.
  8. Gorgeous pieces!!!! Admiring your collection. :yahoo:
  9. Big obsession :laugh
  10. Beautiful! What a lovely collection! I love those Mini Affairs!
  11. I love your collection! It's so pretty, especially your azure mini mab.
  12. what a big family:biggrin:
  13. oh my god this is sooo beautiful, I love mab mini so much that I also want it in multiple colors! (Currently contemplating silver, azure and grape in addition to black). But I'm always afraid that it's going to be redundant because it's the same style :/ How do you deal with it?

  14. Honestly and logically, it can feel a little bit redundant but then a girl needs a different color for a different outfit hehehehe ;)

    That's where and how one becomes a Minkoff addict :P

    Anyways thanks for the kind words and interest, I have been loving and enjoying ALL my Minkoffs :smile:

  15. Thanks!! :smile: