Obsessed with Maggie Leopard & Black

  1. Hi ladies,

    As the title says, I am completely in love & completely obsessed with the new leopard print Maggies up on the NM ATM!!!

    I am a long time CL lover but recent purchaser ( waiting for my second pair ATM YAY!!) anyway, I have no experience with new styles & how often they go on sale etc & I'm not down with the happenings of American sales as i'm all the way down here in Australia :smile:))

    Sooooooo, my questions is, what's the odds of this style going on sale & when do you think it would? Or you think a style like this will just sell out & that's that? :sad:

    I just can't afford $1000 which makes me very sad but theres no way around it right now.

    Thanks for all your advice girls. Love this forum!

  2. i dont think the maggie will go on sale
  3. I didn't think so either :sad:((( ahhhhhhhh need to win lotto haha!
  4. the old maggies were on sale before but i don't know if this style will sell out quickly...
  5. Oooooh How much did they go down??
  6. When the original Maggies came out, the style was not intially well received, hence they went on sale. The Maggie has become a very popular style, obviously, so I honestly doubt they will go on sale... Especially not the leopard. Just my two cents.

    They ended up being $319 at the Barneys Warehouse Sale.
  7. Yeah, don't let that $319 price tag fool you :p It's not happening again in our lifetimes ;)
  8. It was also one lonely size 41 that I saw. :tumbleweed:
  9. LOL, might have a better chance at lotto? :lolots:

    LMAO! love the emoticon haha!
  10. ^ Yes, I think you may play those odds safely. Please send a "finder's fee" when you win :p
  11. very unlikely. it will probably sell out at full price.
  12. There's always eBay, too. I imagine some will pop up there eventually (although, invariably they'll probably be 1 size too large/small :p)
  13. I think no but you never know, depending of your size of course. Yes, the original Maggie made to sale but very limited sizes and just first cut. I remember looking for them all over the place. Lots of girls were looking for them here, same way than Lady Clou.
    So probably the one in Barneys could have been a small size or the opposite, maybe a return. But 2 nd cut wasn't the common denominator.
    Now, the Maggies from last season sold out. But strange things happened in the world of CL, so who knows maybe some boutique in some country on your size make it to sale. And returns on department stores happened to and if takes place during sale season, they may go to the sale batch.
  14. Exactly, chances to find this deal and in your size are very difficult to be honest.
  15. this past sales season (my first so take it for what it's worth) has shown me that many styles do go on sale somewhere. Just might not be in your size range and you have to be uber quick. Sometimes current styles also pop up on eBay for less if someone wants to make a quick sale.