Obsessed with Legacy! Help!

  1. Hi all! I'm new here, and so thankful to have found this site. I need some sympathy. I was on vacation in Orlando in February and saw a brown Legacy Limited Edition Pocket Tote for $350. Of course, I was with my darling husband who said I really didn't need another bag (yeah - I know) and I didn't get it. Since I've been home I have kicked myself repeatedly, called Coach, been to the only outlet near me (an hour away - across the border - I'm in Canada) and got outbid for one by five dollars on eBay. I bought myself the new Ergo large signature tote two days ago, but I still can't get over my lost love. I need to get a life!
  2. I totally do that. Now I just buy and return if needed. Never leave them behind ;)
  3. +1 !

    Best advice ever.
    Here's to hoping you find one on eBay =)
  4. lol I'm obsessed with Legacy too. you should see how stripe-y the inside of my purse is with all my stripe stuff. Nothing wrong with a little obsession! Tho eBay does sometimes make that difficult. ;)

    You'll get that bag soon I bet!
  5. I actually asked my bf if we could paint a wall in our office/den the legacy stripe pattern. I thought it would look fabuous - and paint the other 3 walls the neutral off white ish color in the pattern...
    I got shot down :sad:
  6. That is a BRILLIANT idea!!! Hmm, I just might have to steal it and paint a wall of my room that color... lol!!!

    Did you give him the good ol' puppy dog eyes? Maybe that'll work! :yes:
  7. Well - wouldn't you know it! One came up this afternoon on ebay. I did a Buy it Now - no way I was going to take chances. It was $499 - and although that's $150 more than it was at the outlet, I figure I've spent more that $150 of my time trying to find the darn thing. I can just console myself that it was $300 less than the original price! Now maybe I can do something else with my life! Thanks for listening!

  8. I'm still working on it but it might take more than puppy dog eyes..lol
  9. Congrats on purchasing the bag. I think it was definitely worth it. :smile:

  10. Congrats on your new bag! Post pics when you get it !
  11. Congrats on your new bag. Can't wait to see it!!!
  12. Perhaps and tear... lol... :crybaby:
  13. Congrats on finding what you really wanted! Post photos when it arrives :yes:
  14. what is the item number on ebay? I want to see this purse!
  15. Which bag is it? The 7466?