Obsessed with Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes

  1. Minal! I finally got those flats months ago!!! I'm so happy and I got them at a steal! :heart: Mine are in silver metallic leather though, but whatever it is, we're shoe twins! :graucho:
  2. Red Patent Zanotti's

  3. pinkmonique73 those are beautiful!! what a color! :tup:
  4. those red pumps are dead sexy! :faint:
  5. Thank you MISSPR08 & VERYSTYLISHGIRL!!! They are super comfy, I was really surprised.
  6. Ooooo pinkmonique73, I love those! Very stylishly awesome! I'm a sucker for metal heels.
  7. Meggy, thanks!! :flowers: Hmm, I think I paid like $200 or so! Ohhh, that dress is from (shh!) Target haha (AT collection... my absolute favorite)! I'm so sad, because I was at Woodbury a long time ago and saw them in the silver/crystals on sale, and in my size... but, I'd purchased a lot and felt it was silly to own both the champagne and silver :crybaby:... I wish I'd gotten them too (almost as a backup)!! :sad: Ohhh, I think you'll be fine with the size you got!! Hmm, my feet are so weird haha... all of my Chanel flats are a 38 (though one is a 38.5), and the slingback heels I have are a 38 too. I'm sure you'll be fine with the Camellia flats, because I've also heard they run small too!! :smile:

    VeryStylishGirl - I know, when I saw these at the boutique, I almost died (but not before I made sure they had my size haha)!! They also had the metallic silver too, but the warmer champagne shade was much more complimentary to my skin tone! :love:

    Alice, ohhh, yours sound stunning!! :love: I know, you're right.. I'm so silly! I'll definitely break them out some more this summer... I might get into a few accidents though haha, cuz I'll be so busy admiring my feet! :p

    Ohhh, congrats C, yay!! :yahoo:
  8. pinkmonique73 - They look smokin' hot on you!! :love:

    Omg, someone who wears a size 10 NEEDS those crystal flats in their life!!! :nuts:
  9. Those are sexy! :nuts:
  10. Thank you Veelyn, Fieryfashionista, & Lexa*!
  11. Here is another contribution..


  12. ^^ I LOVE those. They are so fun!
  13. Those are soo hot!! I had them, but they just aren't meant for my feet. I didn't like the way my foot looked in them, so I sent them to eBay. You rock them though, I love them. It seems like he rereleases a similar version almost every season. He needs to rerelease a version that looks good on my feet.
  14. pinkmonique73 they sooo beautiful, congrats!! :faint: